Friday, May 31, 2013


The combination of nothing new really going on and me getting sick this week has kept me from blogging.  Sooooo...


On Monday night, I started feeling pretty darn sick, and it was really bad on Tuesday.  Fortunately, I started feeling better yesterday, and I'm feeling even better today, so that's good. :)

I'm at the end school-wise, and as far as songwriting goes, I'm doing pretty well...I'm writing another song to send to someone...guess...


Yes, this is the second song I plan on sending to Pip. 


I only have one verse and a chorus, but I think it's going well. 

No, I haven't sent Hunter his song yet.  I don't know when or how—the Blown Away Tour just ended, but where do I send the song?  And even if I knew where to send it, that'd be kind of hard to write a letter to him while coughing my brains out.

I don't know if I'll be able to go to Krav this weekend, but I may be okay for Monday—or maybe Wednesday.  I'll be just fine next week, I'm sure. :)

You know...for school, I have to make a print advertisement for a made up product.  I decided to make it on the computer, as I'm already artistically challenged and MS Paint doesn't help. 

I'm making an advertisement for a kind of tea that has loads and loads of fiber in it.  It's very useful because the tea helps you stay awake—so you can be fully aware of your regularity!

...Okay, this isn't actually the first ad.  I made at least three before this, but they were kind of too...weird for something I should send in for school.  Honestly, how seriously can you make an ad for tea containing forty grams of fiber?

My first thought was, "Hey, maybe with each ad I make, it'll get less offensive." Really, it was the other way around. 

Don't even get me started on the very first drawing.

So here's to hopefully getting a good grade!  *WOOT WOOT*