Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holy Cheesesticks!!

So this was my last week with Krav Maga.  I'm going to miss a few classes, since choir is starting next week, and we're hoping my cousin and I can go in on the adult class on Saturday mornings to make up for the ones we'll miss.

We joined over the summer when the class started in March, and my cousin missed this week (she started school last week and was too busy), and guess what?

We got our test results back.

I didn't know half of the stuff on the test at the time (I know now, though ;D XD), so I thought I'd fail for sure.

I passed.

And I got a CERTIFICATE!!!!


I was super excited.  When we got in the car, I asked, "Wanna listen to the radio?" Mom didn't care, so I turned it on, and guess what?


They NEVER play Hunter Hayes.  I usually just hear Wanted at midnight and I haven't heard Storm Warning on the radio in a year.

So I freaked out.

Also, on the way home from another Krav Maga class a couple weeks ago, Ain't Nothing 'Bout You by Brooks & Dunn was playing.

Not only is that my favorite song of all time, but they like, NEVER play Brooks & Dunn, either, and the last time I heard that song on the radio was last summer as well.



Besides that, nothing exciting is going on. XD
It's been 51 days since I sent my song to Keith Urban, and Mom and I decided to send a more formal letter again in a couple weeks.  I said I'd be pesty, didn't I? ;) XD

By the way, I totally suck at playing the fiddle. XD I'm so bad...XD I guess it's the combination of us not knowing how to tune it and me just not being good with violins. XD
Anyway, songwriting is going pretty good.  I'm getting inspiration—*narrows eyes at specific people*—everywhere, which is super helpful. (Sometimes, when it comes to a love song, since I never dated, I just add on to the story and exaggerate...or I'll write about my penpals' experiences. ;) XD) (In other words, no one's safe. >:D XD)

That's it for this update!  This is a picture I made of my dog a while ago:

Snoopy has a million nicknames, and Moo is one of his most popular ones.  XD

Thanks so much for reading!!!! :)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fourth Album!!!!


I've noticed a trend here.  My demo has eleven songs.  My debut has eleven songs.  My third has eleven songs.  And the fourth?

So far, it has nine songs.

Who thinks we can make it to eleven?


I'm really excited!  There's only one song, "Sorry," that doesn't have completed lyrics at the moment.  I think I have like, forty-eight songs in all right now.

*happy dance*

I love happy dances.  They make me happy.

ANYWAY, I must go, and I am very sad to say I don't have much time to make a new picture for you. *sulk*

BUUUUT, I can put up two pictures we took of the baby bunnies in our backyard:


Ok. That's it. XD
Thanks for reading!  Love you all!!!! <3 :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Song!!


Ok. I'm done.


Well, I guess the Keith-Urban-song-thing ain't a countdown...ah, whatever...

I haven't sent Thompson Square's or Billy Currington's songs yet...and I kinda have an idea for a song I might send to Hunter Hayes—*faints*

*five minutes later*

Ok.  I'm fine.

Anyway, it's been thirty-seven days since I sent my song to Keith Urban  (I'm pretty sure, at least...), I'll start the countdown for my birthday when it's actually a month before, and choir starts in 19 days. YIPPEE!!!

I even planned out what I'm wearing. XD
Okay, so my grandparents on my dad's side are an hour away and have seven acres.  I love it there—I drive that golf cart like a madman.  Also, the frogs are fun to hold...until the jump onto your shoulder and pee on you. (Not good for your first time holding frogs.)

In their town is Farm & Fleet.

Also known as THE BEST STORE EVER!!!

Seriously, HOW many stores have cheeseballs (that's a word, darn it!!) and cowboy boots and OFFICE SUPPLIES?!?!?!

Yes. My favorite stores are Farm & Fleet, Office Depot, and Godiva.


Anyway, there are two AWESOME pairs of cowboy boots there.

I currently have a pair of black muddy boots, brown boots (got them for my birthday this year XD), a black cowboy hat, a beige-ish white-ish yellow-ish cowboy hat (both are straw hats), a brown straw cowboy hat, and another brown cowboy hat I got in a nice Amish community.  The other three are from Alabama. :D

Anyway, Mom said the next time we go to my grandparents' house (which is this Saturday, I think), I can buy a pair of boots (black and white fake snakeskin ones. Oh yeah!!) and get a pair for  Christmas (black and red with a white silhouette of a bull head on it—like on Brooks & Dunn albums!!!!!!!!!).

Do you know what this means?

As someone with  OCD, this is slightly exciting for me.

I will have four hats.





Yeah, I organize a ton. X)

So yeah. EXCITED!!!

What was I talking about before? XD Oh yeah. Choir. XD

I'm thinkin' of wearing the black and white fake snakeskin boots, a white dress, the black cowboy hat (the straw brown one is my favorite, but hey, gotta mix-and-match...;)), and these white gloves (although they're sort of like mittens in that the fingers are all together and you can roll them up if you're cold—I'll draw you a picture) with a Rivendell-Lothl√≥rien-like design Mom knitted. 

And here is what those gloves look like:

Worst picture I made yet, in my opinion. :)

Thanks for reading! <3


Monday, August 13, 2012

Shortest Post Ever

34 days since I sent my song to Keith Urban.

22 days until choir starts.

4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days until my birthday.



If you can read that, then you get an awesome award.

Thanks for reading! <3


Friday, August 10, 2012

Albums!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

I'm making progress!!!!

So I sent my song to Keith 31 days ago, and it hasn't occurred to me that he might be in Australia for The Voice.  Hmph.  Well, I'm prepared to be pesty...;)

As for my "albums," I had to, once again, get rid of ANOTHER song.  Even though they're only three or four I got rid of, it kills me to drop an idea.  I even changed "Rainy Days;" I liked the title, so I decided to make it a metaphor for love, because, according to Hunter Hayes and David Nail, the weather makes an excellent metaphor for love. 

Also, I had my first tests of the grade today.  I have three more coming up, and then I'll continue on with Lesson 21.  Yippee...

Ah, well, I don't think I'll fail that bad. XD Anyway, I switched some songs around (so my thirtieth song just may be on my demo album XD).  Here would be my albums—and again, my computer may do funky stuff and make it look weird.  My computer hates me, soooo...XD

Demo: (if I could name it, I'd name it this—) Good Days
1. Treat Him Right
2. All You Got to Do
3. Ain't Gonna Change
4. Why I Wrote This
5. Enough
6. Ride Free
7. Can't You See
8. All Wrong
9. Can't Make Me
10. Choose Me
11. Good Days
Debut: (I think I'd do a self-titled album, like what Taylor Swift or Hunter Hayes did, so then—) Naomi ______
1. I'm a Country Girl
2. Rainy Days
3. Waitin' For the Day
4. The End
5. How Much More
6. Waiting for You
7. Don't Forget
8. Invincible
9. My Best Friend
10. God Bless Family
11. This is How Love Goes
Second album!!!: Tangled
1. Unwanted
2. Time
3. Down to Nothing
4. Fell
5. Dreams
6. Tangled
7. In the Cold
8. Found You
9. Memories
10. Words Can't Describe
11. Please Tell Me
(11 seems to be a lucky number for me, eh? XD)
THIRD ALBUM THAT AIN'T COMPLETED YET!!!!!!: Torn Away (the name might change as more songs are written)
1. Torn Away
2. It's You
3. You Don't Know Me
That's it so far. XD I'm so excited!  I've written one duet (not counting Thompson Square's song, and I still have no clue who to do the duet with *cough cough* HUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYES *cough cough* XD), three songs for other artists (Keith Urban—sent!!!—Billy Currington—soon will be sent—and Thompson Square—my favorite of the three), a song I cowrote with one of my penpals, and my own version of Last Christmas (I own pretty much nothing; I didn't have the idea for it, I didn't write it, it's just my own arrangement of the lyrics and music).  I think altogether it's 42 or 43 songs.  Woohoo!!
I can't wait to write more! for right now...

As a chocoholic, this was my first idea. :)

Thanks for reading!  You all rock, as always. :D


Monday, August 6, 2012


I got it.

I listened to it at least five times.




Hunter, thank you for existing.

The book is good, too.

Also, I believe I sent my song to Keith Urban four weeks ago (when tomorrow comes, that is). 


I have an idea for a thirty-eighth song, but I'm not sure about it.  Oh well.

So Dad finished the fiddle!  He named it "Red"'s red.  And pretty.

And here is your dorky drawing.


Goodnight, everyone!  Thanks so much for reading this. :D