Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just an Update of Boringness

Nothing super exciting is going on, but I wanna write a new post. :)

Dad tried Krav Maga today, and he really liked it!  Looks like my poor cousin will be dragged into it after all, hee hee. :D

I currently have four tracks on my fifth album. WOO!!!  I don't feel really inspired when it comes to writing, though.  And no, I haven't sent Keith Urban the song again or Thompson Square or Billy Currington or Hunter Hayes.  I haven't even written Hunter's song...yet...mwahahahaha...!!!

School is going all right—I started in July and I'm already sick of it. XD Although I'm a little more than a fourth of the way through.  Looks like seven lessons a week really pays off, eh? X)

I'm probably going to be recording today, or studying, or looking at choir music—did I mention how my choir director switched me?

Dang it.  I like being an alto III—who usually have the lowest parts—but he made me an alto II.  *pout* Then my sister reminded me how she, who was there for four and a half years (I've only been around for like, one and a half), was NEVER permanently a II.  The II's usually have the hardest parts, and not only am I a II, but I border a III, so it's like a super honor now.


Still miss being a III...ah well.  I'll adjust.  Somewhat. :D

DRAWING TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading! ♥


Friday, September 14, 2012

Fourth, DONE!

Yup, my fourth album is DONE!!!!

Eleven tracks per album, and I didn't even notice. XD I'm so oblivious...XD

Of course, when I say a song is finished, I mean the lyrics are, and some songs don't even have any instruments at all.  I just have an acoustic guitar, and electric guitar, a fiddle and we don't even know how to tune it, and a keyboard. (We have drums, which I'm awful at playing, a piano, several other guitars, two amps—I have a little one in my room that just collects dust—and two basses.)

Someday, I shall own a banjo. 


I didn't know electric banjos existed until I went to a Brad Paisley concert and The Band Perry was performing.  Dude, that was AWESOME. 

Electric banjos...that sounds so darn cool.

I even made my own version of "Last Christmas" by Wham!  Usually when I come up with instruments for a song, it's all in my head and it very rarely is actually played because...well...I have no idea how to play the violin and I don't even own a banjo. 

But at least I'm done with another album.  I don't believe it...number five!!

And for all you country music fans, I think the CMA's are on November first, but alas, I don't remember what time.  Dang it...

And I think Taylor Swift's fourth album, "Red," is out October thirtieth.  YAY!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CHRISTMAS PRESENTTTTTT!!!! XD

Ok, now your drawing...

A couple months ago, for school, they wanted me to choose from a list of items ONE THING I would use to help me survive on a stranded island.  I chose three instead.

You see, Coconut Man would keep me company, and I'd never get lonely, so I'd never go too insane. Ah, who am I kidding?  I'm already insane. >8D

Thanks for reading!  Maybe I'll put up my cover of Last Christmas...I dunno. XD Bye!! :)


Thursday, September 6, 2012


First rehearsal was on Tuesday.


As usual. :)

We have rehearsal again today, although not quite as long as Tuesday.  I absolutely love choir<3

It's so much fun!  I swear, if you looked at the schedule in my mind, you'd think my life revolves around it:

That's not my only activity, actually.  I know I said I only had one activity—choir, not counting the guitar lessons from Dad or songwriting.  But now I have another—KRAV MAGA.

Remember how I said I'm gonna miss a couple classes because choir is at the same time?  Well, my cousin and I can do make-up classes on Saturday morning!!!

So I guess no choir dreaming, or maybe I'll dream that night, or maybe it'll be a short dream.  I don't know.

I think the class is at ten-thirty, and it's the adult I really hope my cousin's there, haha...XD
Songwriting is going well, and I'm going to try to stop counting how long it's been since I sent my song to Keith Urban (fifty-eight days, by the way). 



That's it, I think. XD My weeks are gonna be busy, and I'm doing Test 40 today and tomorrow—in other words, I'm a fourth of the way through seventh grade, and I think I started in like, July or something.  Woo!!!!!!!! :D HUZZAH FOR GETTIN' STUFF DONE!!! FOR ONCE!!! XD

Thanks for reading and putting up with me! XD

Saturday, September 1, 2012

53 days...

...since I sent my song to Keith Urban.


Mom said that in a couple weeks or so, we'll write out another letter—this time more formal.



So Dad and I usually have "band practice" on the weekends; in other words, he plays the drums while I play the guitar and we make my mom and sister come to the basement to hear a song that's only fifteen-thirty seconds long.

It's fun.

Test 40 is coming up!!! I'm so darn nervous!!!

This is not music related, but my curriculum is super funky.  It says it's seventh grade, but it's really eighth grade work.  Once I reach Test 80, I'll be half way.

The tests are 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 160, each spread out between twenty lessons; one is a review lesson and an extra day for more review. 

My curriculum is pretty difficult, but it's excellent for preparing you for high school. 

You know, I say I'm in eighth grade because I don't want to deal with kids saying, "What?  You're a thirteen year old seventh grader?" But really, it makes sense.

Thirteen = seventh grade.

Fourteen = Eighth grade.

Fifteen = Freshman.

You know, there are tons of fifteen year olds who are just starting high school.  Taylor Swift has a song about it called "Fifteen." (It's a fantastic song.  You gotta check it out. :D)

Songwriting is going well.  I have a tenth song for my fourth album, and only two don't have completed lyrics.  I haven't sent any more songs yet; I want to focus on Keith's. (And writing Hunter's, but really, I am just not inspired right now...)

And happy birthday to my friend, Emma!  You rock, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I mentioned her blog, "Life's a Twitch," before, but really, it's super awesome. :)

Thanks for reading!!! HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!!!! XD

For school, I had to make a product label for a fern.  I hope you like it. XD

Is it good? XD

Bye! :)