Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Music Post in a Really Long Time XD

I sometimes forget this is a music blog. XD

Ok.  So here's your update:

I've currently got eight songs on my fifth album.  And you know, if you asked me, "Hey, make a list of every single person you've written about," then I'm gonna waste A LOT of paper.

Hee hee.

Yeah, it doesn't take much...☺

Krav Maga on Saturday was fun, as usual.  I'm grateful I didn't get smacked in the face—I wasn't wearing my mouth guard, heh heh. >:D

I finished Test 80 last week, so I'm officially half way through my grade!  Huzzah!

This isn't musical, sorry, haha. XD

Last summer, I finished every single song I had, but now I have at least three unfinished ones.  I'm just stuck.  I've got writer's block.


I guess I need some more inspiration...hee peers better watch out. ;)

Haha, no, it's too late for them.



PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oh, and for those who watch "The Walking Dead"—we're SO glad Lori's finally gone!  Gosh, she was annoying.  Why would you do that in a forest during a zombie apocalypse with your husband's best friend after he's been supposedly dead for two weeks?  Ugh...the baby's really cute, though.  I'm rootin' for the baby. XD)

So yesterday, my sister and I played Slender for the very first time.  It's such an awesome game—although my laptop is REALLY buggy, so sometimes, it won't let me move. XD Or it'll make me run right into the Slender Man. XD Oh well.  After those videos of guys dressing up as Slender Man and dancing, I probably WOULD hug him. XD


Thanks so much for reading!  I'll post again sometime this month...or year...or decade...☺


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Country Pride

Okay, I promised to not use this blog to rant, and I will keep that promise. 

However, this has been bugging me for quite some time.

As I mentioned before, I'm a country girl in a very non-country area.

You can see how this is going.

I ain't forcing anybody to be country.  I ain't forcing anybody to LIKE country.  And I certainly ain't forcing any political party or religion on anybody.

All I ask, however, is for people to be gracious.  For people to NOT be so stuck up and prejudiced; for people NOT to say anything about my religion, NOT to say anything about my political party, just NOT say anything AT ALL.

I don't mind, "Yeah, I don't really agree with that candidate" or "I don't really like that religion." But to say, "All (political party goes here) are STUPID!  They're so DUMB!" or "(religion goes here) is so ridiculous.  I HATE ANYONE who follows it."

That's a bit childish, isn't it?

I have no intention on insulting anybody, and I absolutely HATE political and religious discussions.

That's why I don't post about that stuff at all.

But I HATE it when some people I know (for their sakes, I won't even say what scenario it was) say something rude just because the majority of the people agree with them.

Not EVERYONE agrees.

Of course, I stood up for myself, my family, and anyone else like me. 

They didn't say another word.

But really, I'm so sick of how I'm looked down on in this area.  I want to do something about it—but I want to do it in a mature fashion.  For example, as much as I would like to, I won't tell them what idiots they are. (That was Dad's suggestion, but I told him maybe I'll hold off on that insult...but I WILL use it if necessary.)

Now that that's out, this post is WAYYYYY too serious.

Behold...the moment you've all been waiting for...

Um...what moment was that again? XD

Ok.  I forgot. XD
In fifth (or sixth...?  I don't even remember XD) grade, I had to write a children's story and draw pictures to go along with it.  I wrote about a star or something that fell out of the sky or whatever, and these zoo animals that don't like each other and whatnot had to put it back.  I think.


So here are the stupid pictures. XD

I know, I know; my giraffe-drawing ability is horrible.

Hey, this was done on the computer.  You should see how it would turn out if I drew it by hand. (RUN, EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks for reading my most (and only) serious post ever!  I promise the next one will be music related, silly, or both. :) Bye!


P.S. If y'all just so happen to be one of the people I'm talking about, guess what?  I ain't changing.  You can't make me feel bad for who I am, all right?  Just give it up.  We both know who the adult in this situation is. 

P.S.S. I will write a song about you.

P.S.S.S. And I'll eat chocolate.

P.S.S.S.S. And I won't share any.  How ya like THAT?!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lower Braces >:D

Another non-music post on a music blog!!!  Yay!!!!!!

On Friday, I got my lower braces (yes, right before Saturday morning, when I would go to Krav Maga XD I didn't get smacked in the face, fortunately XD).  It wasn't really painful, since I took an Aleve before we left, and it didn't hurt till Saturday morning, naturally. XD But I took another Aleve and felt fine. 

I always get red and blue, and while the lower braces were normal (red for one bracket, blue for another, red for the next, etc.), my orthodontist was getting creative with my top teeth:

All right, I'll admit: my teeth aren't that straight.

My upper teeth are more accurate than the lowers.  My bottom teeth, however, are really crowded.

They don't hurt that bad right now, though. :)

And we're putting up the CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!

I've been bugging Mom to do that for a month now...XD We always have it up for Thanksgiving, so I think we ought to put turkeys on it, since we always hold that holiday. XD

Okay, I suppose I should give SOME update...

I finished my fifth album!  Yes, eleven tracks...;)

I have a few tracks for my sixth, and maybe just one on my Christmas one; I screwed up when I said two, haha. XD

Thanks for reading!  I have to go play music and put that darn tree up.  Bye! :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012




CMA stands for "Country Music Association," and I'M SO EXCITED!!!! XD

I wonder if Taylor will get "Entertainer of the Year Award" again this year.  It feels like the 2011 CMA's were just yesterday. XD They were my first ones. XD

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!  I'm sure Brad and Carrie will be hilarious tonight.  I wonder if they'll be able to top the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw dolls from last year. XD

I don't have time to make a new picture (considering the fact I'm shoving bread into my mouth due to the CMA's being on pretty soon), so I'll upload a picture of Smaug's eye I made.  I decided to add that to the inside of my book jacket just for fun. XD

Weird, eh? XD

Thanks for reading my completely pointless post!!! XD
Also, "Red" came in the mail yesterday!!!! AND THE LAST TWO BOOKS IN THE SECRET SERIES BY PSEUDONYMOUS BOSCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, this isn't the result of a bunch of sugar from Halloween. XD I didn't even go trick-or-treating; we figured thirteen was too old for that stuff. :p But I still ate candy. XD

Bye!!!!! XD