Thursday, February 28, 2013


Guess who just wrote a song for ERIC CHURCH?!?!!



My mom and I absolutely LOVE Eric. We're part of the Church Choir, haha...;)

Anyway, we were listening to Chief on the way to choir today, and when we got home, I had an idea for a song. (Its message is like Eric's song "Homeboy." It's a fantastic song.  You gotta check it out. :D)

After writing just the first few lines, I could imagine Eric singing it.  With the thought of sending it to him, I finished it easily.


This is the fifth song I've written that I plan to send to other people (well, I guess fourth—I wrote a song for Billy Currington, but I lost it :P I'm gonna rewrite it at some point, though :)).  WOOHHOOOO!!!


I did better with drawing Brad's facial hair this time—even if everybody's ears SUCK.  I apologize for the terrible drawing, haha. XD

Thank you all for reading!  I'm so happy about this song.  I've been working a lot on my music lately, and I have a dress rehearsal on Saturday and a performance on Sunday, so I'm pretty busy.  I hope to go to Krav on Monday, but I don't think I'll be able to go. XP Oh well.  I'll be able to go back next Saturday—and I want to try KO bag on Sunday.  I think Dad's gonna do it this weekend.  Woohoo! :)

Thanks again for reading!  You all are amazing. <3 :)



...Ok, not really. XD

I'll try to make it fast, though...

This is my last choir semester.  There are quite a few reasons why I'm leaving, but the main one is so I can focus on schoolwork and my music...also, I'm getting pretty wrapped up in Krav Maga. ;)

It's so fun!  Everybody there is great, and it's an awesome activity.  Everyone I met has been so kind to me. :)

I'm gonna miss choir, and I've been here for two years now, but I've gotta move on eventually. 

School is going well, as songwriting is.  I have five tracks for a new album (seventh or eighth...I dunno XD), and they're all written for the same guy...heh heh. XD I also have another track on an earlier album for him.  WOOHOO!! XD

Is it dorky that I'm actually writing an outline for Hunter's letter...? XD Hey, it's gotta be professional...XD

I'm bummed I'll have to miss Krav this weekend; I have a dress rehearsal on Saturday and the performance on Sunday.  I'm trying to memorize choir songs, studying my notes for school, work on my own music, there's been a bit of family drama, friend-making drama (slight drama, though—mostly just frustration)...lots of stuff going on. 

I'm happy to say OCD has improved a lot—I don't talk about it a lot on here, but I have mild OCD that really sucks. XD In one area it's gotten a little worse, but I think I can handle it.

I have to go, so I don't have time to make a new silly drawing, so I'll look around for something on the computer.

DANG IT!  I can't find a picture. :(

Well, that's it for this update. XD That wasn't the world's fastest update, but it was MY fastest update. XD
Thanks for reading!  You're all so awesome. :) Have a great week!


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day ☺

Who is my valentine today, you ask?

Just kidding.  Slenderman's my sister's valentine.

I don't have one—unless my dog counts. XD

I love that little baby<3 :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Have a good week. :)

You know, a lot of people are like, "I hate Valentine's Day 'cause liking it is too mainstream," which is funny, since now THAT'S becoming mainstream.  I don't absolutely love it, and I don't absolutely hate it.  I look at Valentine's Day as my golden opportunity to get more chocolate. XD

That's it for this post—I finished another album, and Mom's gonna help me write Hunter's letter tomorrow.  YAY!!!! :D

Thanks for reading, and have one heck of a week! :)


Monday, February 11, 2013

Hot Chocolate

Who wishes to hear the harrowing tale, "The First Time I Made Hot Chocolate from Scratch by Myself?"

It's terrifying, I assure you.

Okay, enough of that. XD
Quite a while ago, my mom found this AWESOME hot chocolate recipe online.  The problem was eight-hundred calories. XD

However, she found managed to make a three-hundred calorie recipe from it instead. XD It's really, really awesome...

I think it was Thursday night, and Mom was pretty sick.  She was in her room watching a movie.  After dinner, I decided to make hot chocolate to make her feel better. 

I seemed to have forgotten I was making a double batch...and the little pot wasn't the one Mom used.  I forgot there was a bigger pot.

I did what I was supposed to do—I put in a pound of chocolate chips and four cups of milk (this was the double batch, so that's why there's so much of everything XD I'll put up the recipe at the end of this post ;)).  When I poured in the last cup, the solid/liquid/whatever the heck it was at the moment was nearly at the top of the pot.

I started freaking out.  I watched Mom do this a million times, how was this going so wrong?

Thinking it'll go down once it's all melted, I turned on the stove.  I had to add a cup of sugar and four tablespoons of vanilla (which actually isn't really necessary; I'll explain at the end). 

By the time these ingredients were added, it was about to spill.  I turned the heat down and looked in the cabinet.

Sure enough, there was a much bigger pot.

After scolding myself several times for not bothering to check, I managed to get the substance into the other pot.  It wasn't easy; it was really tricky.

I got out two measuring cups, one big one and one small one.  I used the small one to slowly put the sort of melting liquid but not exactly solid into the other pot; I used the big cup to catch any drops that spilled.

When the half-melted hot chocolate was in the other pot, I realized most of the unmelted chocolate chips were sticking to the sides of the smaller pot.

After about five minutes of chocolate-scraping, I had everything together in the bigger pot on the stove.  I had a lot of crap to clean up, but the hot chocolate turned out really well; Mom loved it.

I practiced making it again last night (for some reason, I love drinking hot chocolate while watching The Walking Dead, which is strange 'cause of all the gross scenes...but there weren't as many last night), and it was A LOT better than Thursday, thank goodness.  Actually, I found the vanilla isn't really necessary; I didn't add any last night because we were out.  It tasted the same to us.  We'd have to make a batch with vanilla and one without to really see if there's a huge difference. 

You know, let me just sum up the experience with these pictures:

One: Hot Chocolate Starts Overflowing

Two: Transferring the Hot Chocolate to the Other Pot and Dealing with the Unmelted Chocolate

Three: Finally Getting Everything Together and Not Having the Kitchen on Fire


If you wanna make it, you'll need (this is the three-hundred calorie recipe, by the way XD):

*2 cups of milk

*1/2 cup of sugar

*8 ounces of chocolate chips

*2 tablespoons of vanilla (although, as I said before, I didn't add any and it didn't make a huge difference)

I suggest putting the chocolate chips in, and THEN the milk; the other way around might result in milk everywhere. XD I also suggest using a big pot if you make a double I forgot. XD After you have the milk and chocolate chips in, turn on the stove—the heat should be between low and medium.  After you put in half a cup of sugar, make sure you stir it evenly; whenever I make it, there are LOTS of chunks. X) You can choose whether or not you want to add the vanilla. 

When everything's finally melted (I gotta admit: the chunks are fun to eat XD it's like drinking a chocolate bar!! XD), turn off the heat and wait for it to cool down a bit before you pour it; it's gonna be pretty freakin' hot. XD

It's really good the next day, too.  It's good when it's cold. :)

If you make it, I hope you like it!  Mom got the recipe online somewhere. :)

Thank you so much for reading!  I really appreciate it<3 :) Bye!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Walking Dead and the Grammys!

WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD. XD Can you tell I'm a writer? XD

First of all...holy crap. XD I just watched "The Walking Dead..." NO DARYL!!!!  DON'T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude...they can't kill him off...his fangirls will just go crazy. XD And since he looks A LOT like Blake Shelton, I'm just gonna go insane...XD

Rick's officially lost it.  And I thought for sure the Governor (anyone remember his name? XD He said it once, but I forgot...XD) was going to shoot Andrea when she was talking to everybody.  I love how they all after her speech are like, "Yeah, never mind all the crap that happened in the last twenty-four hours.  Let's all listen to Captain Obvious-who-loves-doing-it-with-every-freakin'-man-on-this-show and act like nothing is going on!  Yay!"

Also, that baby is really cute. XD I love how Daryl, the Chuck Norris of zombie killers, automatically is really awesome with her. XD

Now...moving onto the Grammys...

I never paid attention to that awards show, and since The Walking Dead was on at the same time, I didn't watch it—but it sounds like there's gonna be a lot of country there!  Taylor Swift and Hunter Hayes have three Grammy nominations, and I heard Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and Dierks Bentley performed (I have no idea if the show's still going or not, so that's why I'm using both past AND present tenses XD), and some others I forgot about. XD

GO HUNTER!!!!  I'm bummed I missed him tonight—but hey, everything's on YouTube.  Halfway through the CMA's the video of Brad Paisley doing Gangnam Style was online. XD

And no, I haven't written that letter to Hunter yet...Mom's been really sick, and she has to help me write it (because we're gonna make it professional and stuff, and I have NO idea how to do that...XD).  Fortunately, she felt really great today, so we're gonna work on it sometime this week...I hope...XD

It's been one month, and I've already missed three choir rehearsals—I missed two because I was sick, then Mom got too sick to drive me. (You'd think I would practice the songs anyway while rehearsal was going on to make up for it, but instead I ate chocolate and watched Tobuscus videos...XD I'm terrible, I know. XD)

On the bright side, Hunter's song is going really well, as other songs are.  I finished Tests 100, and I'm gonna get back into the swing of things tomorrow morning (I'm currently writing at nine P.M.). 

Also, I went to Krav yesterday and partnered up with Dad; my cousin was sick.  It was...interesting. XD At the end (WHEN ALMOST EVERYONE WAS STILL IN THE ROOM), he actually picked me up off the ground.  I was so mad. XD I'm still mad. XD

So I yelled at him and may have kneed him in the thigh a couple times...XD He said his leg still hurts. XD He deserved it...XD
I have to go to sleep...bleh...XD Hey, have any of you country fans heard Kenny Chesney's "Pirate Flag," Dustin Lynch's "She Cranks My Tractor," or Miranda Lambert's "Mama's Broken Heart?" They're AMAZING songs I can't get out of my head—then again, what country song ISN'T amazing? ;)

Thanks for reading my obnoxiously long post!  XD I still haven't gotten more space (not getting space...not writing Hunter's letter...missing rehearsals...dang, I'm lazy this year, haha XD hey, I've been sick for a MONTH now...although I'm a lot better :)), so I'm just gonna put up a picture I drew/photoshopped of Hunter Hayes—you know, since he has three Grammy nominations and all. ;) (And he released his debut in 2011.  I remember the first time I heard Storm Warning—on the radio in the summer of 2011.  I knew he'd get far. :))


I clicked the photo button thingy to add a picture I already put up here, and I just realized I CAN UPLOAD MORE PICTURES.

You know what this means?


The Walking Dead + the Grammys = AWESOME

You know, that'd be a pretty cool combination...XD I can totally imagine a zombified Hunter Hayes performing...XD Isn't there a thing where you can take pictures of people and see them as zombies?  I dunno...XD (This is nerdy: I'm listening to "What You Gonna Do" while drawing pictures of zombified Hunter. XD It doesn't get any nerdier than that, does it? XD)

By the way, "zombify" is actually in the dictionary...XD Seriously.  Look it up. XD

Thank you so much for reading!  I am uber happy about the space...XD I thought I ran out of space, but I guess maybe Blogger just had a brief problem; it couldn't take the level of stupidity. XD

Thanks again for reading!  Oh...and who wants to see that birthday cake I mentioned earlier? ;) It's currently my profile picture, and I don't have pictures of my Hunter in a box on here yet—that will come soon.  Right now, BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

XD I love how they're all posing, and then Justin in the corner is like, "HEEEEEYYYY!!!!!!" XD

Thank you again for reading and putting up with my weird teenage-girl-obsessions!  XD You know, last night I made hot chocolate from scratch for the very first time (my mom got this AWESOME recipe online.  I'll put it up in the next post) myself.  That was a harrowing experience. XD It all turned out well, but GEEZ. 

...Pictures shall be in the next post.  Beware. ;) 

Bye, and thanks for the fourth time! XD See ya later! <3