Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm incredibly excited right now!!!!

My sister showed me how to save documents on a disc.  Guess what that means.  Guess.  Guess.  Guess—

Oh, I can't wait for you to guess!!!!! It means I can have my own CD!!!!!!! Of music!!!!!!!  OF MY SONGS!!!!!!!!

On my MP3 player, I can record my songs (it'll just be me and a guitar, so that'll go well, haha!), put them on the computer, and then put them on a disc.  I'll have a CD!! I have twenty-one or twenty-two songs with completed lyrics (although three of them are for other artists and one is a duet), and around half of them have guitar parts, and even more have parts for other instruments, but alas, I do not have those instruments. (Mark my words, one day, I shall have a banjo.)

That's really what this post is all about.  So I guess I'll make a drawing.

Man, I hate geometry...

Bye, everyone! (:


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two in One!

Hey everyone!  How are you all doing?

I'm super excited about today.  Why, you may ask? 

You may have three guesses:

1. I met Hunter Hayes

2. I got a record deal

3. I found a piece of Godiva chocolate as big as my house

Unfortunately, this is a trick question—NONE of those are correct...which sucks, because that would make just the best day ever, especially that third one.

No, I wrote two songs today.  That may not sound like much, but believe me, with the writer's block I've been fearing, it's awesome.  I wrote a duet (one that I want to do with someone, not one I'd send in to Thompson Square, like "I Wanted You." This is exciting because I get to choose who I'd want to do the duet with...heh heh...still got my fingers crossed for Hunter :D) and another song!  Woo!

The name of the duet is "I Loved You." Stupid, right?  Hopefully, it isn't as stupid as it sounds...I think..., I had an idea for a chorus in the other song, "Waiting for You," a few months ago, and I had no clue where I'd go from there.  I got super excited—usually, I don't force myself to write songs.  I always say that the best ones come out of nowhere.  But Mom and I were in the car, waiting for Megan to come out of her Driver's Ed class, and I had a notebook and pen, and I wanted to write while I had no school.  So I forced myself to write the rest of the duet.

It isn't as bad as I usually imagine forced songs to be, and as for the other, it just kind of came to me.  I had an idea for a line in "I Loved You" that I wanted to write down.  Yay!

I always said that if a song idea is truly good, it'll stick with me.  Usually it does.  Although sometimes it doesn't...and it comes back hours later.  Gotta love that...

Now, before I go, have any of you heard of the Amish Brothers?  They make AWESOME covers of country songs (like Eric Church's "Springsteen" and Luke Bryan's "Drunk on You") and are fantastic musicians.  Check 'em out on YouTube and follow them on Twitter—and I think they have a Facebook page, but I don't have a Facebook, so I'm clueless in that department. XD

Bye, everyone!  Thanks for reading! <3


Monday, June 25, 2012

Funky Dreams

I'm having a lot of, as said in the title, funky music related dreams.  One was where I wrote a song for Keith Urban and he liked it, and another was similar, except it was for Hunter Hayes instead.

My first dream like these was a few months ago where I dreamt I sent the lyrics to "Treat Him Right" to Eric Church.  In the dream, he liked it so much that he sent the song to Martina McBride, and I was about to meet Brantley Gilbert—or was it Brad Paisley?—when I woke up.  DANG IT!!!

Oh well.  My latest dream was that all these country artists were in my house and we were doing duets and stuff.  There was also one of those giant colorful slides you only see in the commercial for bouncy houses for kids between the ages of four and nine, but it looks so fun that the adults want to go, too, and it turns out it's just a poorly made slide just barely three feet high.  Stupid false advertisements...

Anyway, I really want to send Keith Urban fanmail, but alas, I've got no clue how to.  Sometime over the summer I'll send him the lyrics.  Sometime...

My sister, Canneth*, started Driver's Ed last Tuesday.  And on Friday, she got her permit.  As you can tell, I'm very frightened. 

Next weekend, we're going to my grandparents' house—the one that's an hour away, where I drive the golf cart and hold frogs and stuff.  Yay!!  I named a frog there Hunter—after Hunter Hayes. :D

Bye! :)


*no, that's not her real name.  That's her ELVISH name (I'm a Lord of the Rings freak and I'm learnin' Elvish!!! WOO!!!)—Sindarin, to be exact. (; I'm Miluiel MĂ­dhenaer—or Naomi Marie.  Man, I love Tolkien!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mom's Socks

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my mom is one heck of a knitter.  She knitted (I think the past tense can be both "knit" and "knitted") tons of stuff—specifically socks.  She just finished making a third (I think third) pair of candy corn socks today, and she's working on another funky sock.  I decided to put up the pictures:

After these pictures were taken, we took one of my dog in the wild:

It may be a bit difficult to see him.  Here—

Ah, that's better.

Bye! (:


What I Do When I'm Bored

I'm off of school for two weeks, right?

So whenever I'm bored, I go to Paint and make stupid pictures. 

For example:

 I know this is a music blog, but really, you can't expect me not to add this. 

The mustache was the most fun to draw.

Okay, well, now that I've got another fifteen-twenty minutes out of the way, I suppose I should close this.


My Albums!

Whoa, two posts in one day?!  Yep, I'm on a roll, all right...WOOHOO!!!

Now that my enthusiasm for the week is over, it's time for me to list all my songs!  Yay! :)

I'm very bummed to get rid of "My Family," and I suspect I'll be getting rid of more (possibly "Welcome Back"), but hey, that's the adventure of songwriting! 

So goes (some have completed lyrics, some have instruments, and some have only a few lines.  My goal is to complete at least most of the songs' lyrics by the end of the year):

1. Album!!! Yay!!!

1. Treat Him Right

2. All You Got to Do

3. Ain't Gonna Change

4. Why I Wrote This

5. Enough

6. Ride Free

7. Can't You See

8. All Wrong

9. Can't Make Me

10. Choose Me

11. Good Days

12. Welcome Back

2. Album!!!  Yay squared!!!

1. Rainy Days

2. It's You

3. Waitin' for the Day

4. Wanna Be Me

5. The End

6. How Much More

7. Fell

8. Down to Nothing

9. Don't Forget

10. Invincible

11. My Best Friend

3. Album!!! YAY...ER...THRICE!!! (Man, I love that word...)

1. Unwanted

2. Time

3. Waiting for You

4. You Don't Know Me

5. Dreams

6. Tangled

7. In the Cold

8. Found You

9. Memories

10. Words Can't Describe

So yeah...and then there are the three songs I want to send to country artists:

1. That's You—it has a very Keith Urban-like sound to it.

2. I Wanted You—I think it fits Thompson Square well.

3. I haven't decided on a name for this one, haha!  But from what I've got so far, it reminds me of Billy Currington.

And I wrote a chorus for a duet called "I Loved You." I had a dream that I was doing the duet with...someone.  I don't remember who, heh heh. 

Hey, you know what I noticed?

H unter

E aston

H ayes

Since I'm a huge fan, this cracks me up...

Anyway, those are all the songs!  I'm super excited about my latest one—rather than waste time on here (believe me, it's incredibly fun), I should probably go practice guitar or something...

Bye, everyone! (:


My Mama♥

When I was in the shower this morning, I had an idea for a chorus and possibly a third verse.  It was a song for my mom.

I just wrote down all the lyrics five minutes ago.  I swear, that was the easiest song ever to write...I wish I could add more!

My mom as helped me with so much, and I know there's going to be more to come.  I already feel like I'm going away to college.  I don't know why.  I'm a pretty dramatic person sometimes, soooo...

I wish Mother's Day was coming up!  And her birthday is in April, so I'll have to wait all year.  Fortunately, that's plenty of time for coming up with a guitar part.  And yes, in the third verse, I added my dad and sister.  Had to include them. ;)

I was writing a song about my family a few months ago (I even included Snoopy, my Boston Terrier!), but I don't quite like how it's turning out.  I think this song will replace it.  But who knows?  Maybe I can tweak it a bit and it will turn out awesome.

I'm officially done with school!  However, I'm taking two weeks (between one and a half to two) off and then I shall start the next grade.  Yippee...oh well.  Good to be on top of things, right? (:

Before I close this post, I just want to mention one thing: My friend, Emma, has a blog called "Life's a Twitch." It's about Tourette's, and she's trying to spread awareness for it.  I think you ought to check it out—she's pretty awesome. :)

Thanks for reading!  Maybe I'll write what I have in mind for Mom's song.  I think I'll call it, "Words Can't Describe," but I'm never sure with titles!  (Heck, it took me a half hour to come up with a name for this blog.)

Have an awesome day!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

American Songwriter

Hello!  I'm VERY excited about my first post. ☺

Well, this is dedicated to my songwriting, so I suppose I should put up musical updates.  YAY!!!

I have well over thirty song ideas, twenty of which have completed lyrics (and most have some instruments), and three of those songs I plan on sending to Keith Urban, Thompson Square, and Billy Currington.  I want to be a country artist someday—although being a songwriter in Nashville sounds awesome, too. (:

As for right now, I'm a teenager in a choir.  Choir ended for the summer (it'll start up again in September), and so for the rest of the three months I'm taking Krav Maga with my cousin.  Choir will be more fun than usual come fall...(;

And I just HAD to make my dog, Snoopy, my profile picture. I love that little Boston Terrier with all my heart. <3

Okay.  Back to the whole point of this blog.

If I have a song idea I'm really excited about, I'll write it here.  I once did karaoke at a birthday party (Mine by Taylor Swift, and I was going to do her song Fifteen, but we had to leave), and my dad gives me guitar lessons.  I also keep bugging him to put new strings on our fiddle. :D

I'm beyond excited about having a blog.  And I promise I'll put humor into this.  I also promise not to rant about things I tend to rant about. 

This will be hard.

Oh well.

If you read this far, I'm impressed!  Thanks for checking out my blog!  It really means a lot. :)

Have a great evening! (Or morning...or afternoon...whenever the heck you're reading this. XD)