Monday, June 25, 2012

Funky Dreams

I'm having a lot of, as said in the title, funky music related dreams.  One was where I wrote a song for Keith Urban and he liked it, and another was similar, except it was for Hunter Hayes instead.

My first dream like these was a few months ago where I dreamt I sent the lyrics to "Treat Him Right" to Eric Church.  In the dream, he liked it so much that he sent the song to Martina McBride, and I was about to meet Brantley Gilbert—or was it Brad Paisley?—when I woke up.  DANG IT!!!

Oh well.  My latest dream was that all these country artists were in my house and we were doing duets and stuff.  There was also one of those giant colorful slides you only see in the commercial for bouncy houses for kids between the ages of four and nine, but it looks so fun that the adults want to go, too, and it turns out it's just a poorly made slide just barely three feet high.  Stupid false advertisements...

Anyway, I really want to send Keith Urban fanmail, but alas, I've got no clue how to.  Sometime over the summer I'll send him the lyrics.  Sometime...

My sister, Canneth*, started Driver's Ed last Tuesday.  And on Friday, she got her permit.  As you can tell, I'm very frightened. 

Next weekend, we're going to my grandparents' house—the one that's an hour away, where I drive the golf cart and hold frogs and stuff.  Yay!!  I named a frog there Hunter—after Hunter Hayes. :D

Bye! :)


*no, that's not her real name.  That's her ELVISH name (I'm a Lord of the Rings freak and I'm learnin' Elvish!!! WOO!!!)—Sindarin, to be exact. (; I'm Miluiel Mídhenaer—or Naomi Marie.  Man, I love Tolkien!!

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