Saturday, June 23, 2012

American Songwriter

Hello!  I'm VERY excited about my first post. ☺

Well, this is dedicated to my songwriting, so I suppose I should put up musical updates.  YAY!!!

I have well over thirty song ideas, twenty of which have completed lyrics (and most have some instruments), and three of those songs I plan on sending to Keith Urban, Thompson Square, and Billy Currington.  I want to be a country artist someday—although being a songwriter in Nashville sounds awesome, too. (:

As for right now, I'm a teenager in a choir.  Choir ended for the summer (it'll start up again in September), and so for the rest of the three months I'm taking Krav Maga with my cousin.  Choir will be more fun than usual come fall...(;

And I just HAD to make my dog, Snoopy, my profile picture. I love that little Boston Terrier with all my heart. <3

Okay.  Back to the whole point of this blog.

If I have a song idea I'm really excited about, I'll write it here.  I once did karaoke at a birthday party (Mine by Taylor Swift, and I was going to do her song Fifteen, but we had to leave), and my dad gives me guitar lessons.  I also keep bugging him to put new strings on our fiddle. :D

I'm beyond excited about having a blog.  And I promise I'll put humor into this.  I also promise not to rant about things I tend to rant about. 

This will be hard.

Oh well.

If you read this far, I'm impressed!  Thanks for checking out my blog!  It really means a lot. :)

Have a great evening! (Or morning...or afternoon...whenever the heck you're reading this. XD)


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