Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brass Buckle Band

Hey there!

I just heard this really awesome band at a country festival (I can't believe they had a Country Day here!!! :D) in my area.  They're called the Brass Buckle Band, and they're made up of extremely talented musicians who play anything from Johnny Cash to Florida Georgia Line.  I heard them play Luke Bryan's "Country Girl," Keith Urban's "You Look Good In My Shirt," several Toby Keith songs, and other awesome country music.  I look forward to listening to their future music. :)

Here's their website:

You guys rock! :)

I don't really have an update for my own music—although I've written a song I think I'm going to send to Nathan Parrett...did I mention that already?  I forgot. XD

Have a great day, everybody! :)