Monday, October 29, 2012

Non-Music Related Post

It's late at night, I'm really slaphappy, and I'll probably regret this post in the morning.

All the more reason to put it up for the world to see.

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Hunter Hayes.  I'm also rather fond of tacos.

So it all comes down to the big question: who would be better in a zombie apocalypse, Hunter Hayes or Taco Man?

I know what you're thinking: "Oh geez, what new disturbing organism has Naomi created this time?"

That, my friend, is the magical and slightly invincible Taco Man.

I know I could get pictures from the Internet and do a horrible job at photo shopping, but drawing it all out at midnight or however late it is happens to be way more entertaining.

So be afraid.

Now, first, there's Hunter:

And then we have Taco Man:

Taco Man is very loyal.  He can sense enemies when they're near, read minds, and fly.

Also, you can eat him to prevent starvation.

Hunter, however, is an actual existing human being who might not be able to fly (yet), but certainly will make better decisions than a huge taco with amazingly unnatural superpowers.  And he can smack zombies with his guitar or bass or any of the thirty instruments he can play.

Such a tough choice.  Who do YOU vote for?

One can sing.  One can fly.

Difficult decisions.

I suppose I should go to sleep or something weird like that.  Goodnight, and thanks for reading my messed up post!

And I PROMISE I won't take this down in the morning. ;)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Parade

Hi world. :D

Yesterday, my family and I went to a cute little town three hours away.  There was supposed to be a Halloween parade later at six-thirty, so we spent the entire day looking at little shops.

I think we arrived around noon.  After going to a chocolate store, (peanut butter truffle = AMAZING) we went to one of Mom's favorite places: the yarn shop.

There were walls of yarn.

In other words, we were there for a while.

I decided to bring our banana costume with.  Mom bought the costume a few years ago and was dancing on my grandparents' street on Halloween.  My sister dressed as the banana two years ago (one man called her a pencil.  She was not pleased), and I chose to wear it at the parade.

I put it on over an hour before it started, and we sat on a bench.  It was really cold out, so I put my coat on over the costume.  Several people liked my costume, and little kids would shout, "BANANA!!" During the parade, one kid actually wore a banana costume. XD I shouted, "BANANAS UNITE!!!" XD Another guy was dressed as a gorilla, so we freaked out. XD It was really crowded, and one person said, "You almost kicked the banana!" XD

The parade was awesome!  The gorilla was playing the drums. XD And twice they had a huge fire come by.  It was really nice, considering the fact it was in the forties and all. XD

We got home around eleven P.M., and I read a new country magazine I got at a book store, and then I fell asleep. XD I didn't get up until, like, eleven this morning...XD

Today, I was like, "I'm gonna study and be awesome," and instead I did karaoke and watched Tobuscus videos on YouTube. XD Best day ever. XD

As far as songwriting goes, I have eleven tracks for my fifth album and two for my sixth. WOOO!!!!!!  INTERNET HIGH FIVE!!! +-.__. <—He's giving a high five.  Go on.  High five the screen.  I dare you. XD

You know how I have to send in a book jacket for The Hobbit for school?  If I didn't tell you already, then I have to send in a book jacket for The Hobbit for school. XD I finished it, and I ain't THAT happy with it...but here it is:

For the flowers, rather than spending time on each flower and making them perfect and beautiful, I just copied and pasted them. XD

I think on Wednesday, for Halloween, we're going to Grandma & Grandpa's.  We usually do, so I'll ride in the a banana. XD I tried putting a cowboy hat on top, but it wouldn't say. :( XD

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate it. :)

And so does Banana Man (yes, I'm bringing him back from several posts ago).

Wow man, that's creepy...XD

Bye! :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What? XD

Sorry.  I don't know what else to name this post. XD

So nothing super exciting has been going on.  I thought Taylor Swift's album was out on the thirtieth, but it's out on the twenty-second instead.  I still haven't looked up Dustin Lynch's album yet; I only know one song. XD
STILL won't be seeing Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes this December (DARN IT!!!), but hey, I may be able to get tickets from the never know.

Choir is the usual.  Lots of fun and cool songs. :)

Songwriting is going pretty well.  I think I'm almost done with my fifth album, and I may record sometime Saturday...

UGH, this is boring!!!!  PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do I draw...?

Ooh!  I know!

So on Sunday, my family and I were watching The Walking Dead.  This is the first episode I've seen, so I'm totally confused.  Could I just say, though, that one of the characters looks A LOT like Blake Shelton?  I was like, "Oh my gosh, Blake's a zombie killer!!!" I don't remember his name, of course, but's pretty awesome.

And Blake would be an awesome zombie killer.  I can definitely see that.

So yeah.  PICTURE!!!!!!!!!

You know, after watching Aragorn chop hundreds of orcs' heads off, the show wasn't too bad.  Could've done without the eating shots, though.

Thanks for reading!  For school, I have to make a book jacket, and I'm thinking of making one for The Hobbit.  When I have it up on the computer, I can post it in here.

Bye!  :)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012



So I have NO idea what to be for Halloween...trick-or-treating or not, I'm dressing up. :D

Hm...a zombie hobbit?


I got the Ring and everything...

So music is going pretty well.  I was listening to Last Christmas (yes, in October XD) and I thought, "I wanna cover this song," and then I thought, "I wanna write a song," and thus a stupid song was born.

I think I have, like, six or seven ideas for a fifth album...woot woot. :D

I just have to finish the lyrics to one song I haven't worked on in a week, and I'll officially have six or seven songs. ☺

Choir is going well, too.  We're doing Carol of the Bells.  Mom absolutely LOVES that song, so we're all excited. (:

And Taylor Swift's "Red" is out on the thirtieth, I think!!!!!  And Wanted got number one two weeks in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well, I suppose September would have to be awesome, too, because last Sunday was September, and that's when I heard the countdown, and the Sunday BEFORE THAT was in September, so both months rock.



Remember those pictures of the bunnies in our yard?  The four babies grew up—although I think one or two might be living with Mama in the front bushes—and we still have the mom.  She's a fearless little bunny; we always see her when we get home from choir and she never runs away.

However, I think I gave her too much spinach; she doesn't eat it now. XD She'll only eat the carrots. XD I might have to rip up the spinach and hide it under the carrots, but then she could separate the two (like my dog does XD). XD XD

This is exactly what I do with my time.

...I made this when I was bored.

I found the orange juice picture online and then copied it.


Thanks so much for reading and putting up with my craziness. 8D