Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What? XD

Sorry.  I don't know what else to name this post. XD

So nothing super exciting has been going on.  I thought Taylor Swift's album was out on the thirtieth, but it's out on the twenty-second instead.  I still haven't looked up Dustin Lynch's album yet; I only know one song. XD
STILL won't be seeing Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes this December (DARN IT!!!), but hey, I may be able to get tickets from the radio...you never know.

Choir is the usual.  Lots of fun and cool songs. :)

Songwriting is going pretty well.  I think I'm almost done with my fifth album, and I may record sometime Saturday...

UGH, this is boring!!!!  PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do I draw...?

Ooh!  I know!

So on Sunday, my family and I were watching The Walking Dead.  This is the first episode I've seen, so I'm totally confused.  Could I just say, though, that one of the characters looks A LOT like Blake Shelton?  I was like, "Oh my gosh, Blake's a zombie killer!!!" I don't remember his name, of course, but seriously...it's pretty awesome.

And Blake would be an awesome zombie killer.  I can definitely see that.

So yeah.  PICTURE!!!!!!!!!

You know, after watching Aragorn chop hundreds of orcs' heads off, the show wasn't too bad.  Could've done without the eating shots, though.

Thanks for reading!  For school, I have to make a book jacket, and I'm thinking of making one for The Hobbit.  When I have it up on the computer, I can post it in here.

Bye!  :)


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