Friday, December 28, 2012


Guess who just wrote a song for Hunter Hayes?

Guess.  Guess.  Guess.

Are you guessing?



I'm really excited. XD While I'm mad my song for Keith Urban didn't go through (he wasn't in the country when I sent it, sooooo...XD), I'm really happy about this new one.  I wanted to write one for Hunter for a while now, but I had nothing.  Finally, last week, I started writing a duet, and today I decided it would be better sang by one person.  Right before I finished the song, I thought of different people I could send it to—and Hunter was my first thought.

Like with Keith's song, I can only send the lyrics.  Fortunately, Hunter is an AMAZING songwriter (a BILLION times better than me), and I'm sure if he got the lyrics and decided to keep the song, the music he'd have in mind would probably be way better than what I'm thinking.

I'm really excited.  I wrote a duet for Thompson Square, but I haven't sent that one yet.  I'll probably be starting school on January third (which, I'm pretty sure, is J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday <3) or something, and choir, I'm guessing, starts January eighth.


Best.  Birthday present.  EVER. XD I got two iTunes gift cards for Christmas, so it was perfectly planned. XD

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so happy right now. :D As for pictures...heh heh.  I found this one a little while ago.

Okay, here's the story:

My friend and I were discussing different people who should wear cowboy hats but don't—like Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes (although she said she's seen a picture of Keith with one on—I haven't seen it, unfortunately XP). 

That's where Paint comes in.

I asked her which color for which person.  She said brown for Keith and black for Hunter—we considered white for Hunter, and maybe black for Keith, but we liked the current arrangement better.

What do you think? how I spend my time. XD I know, it's sad. XD But you gotta admit, they look awesome—even if the drawings suck. XD

The hardest part wasn't finding the right pictures—although it was a bit of a pain finding a picture where the hat wouldn't be cut off too much—drawing the hat actually was difficult.  I have four cowboy hats, why was it so darn hard? XD

Okay, enough of my craziness. XD Thank you for reading, and have an awesome day/night/whenever the heck you're reading this! XD


Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dad once asked me, "Where do you get the inspiration for all your songs?"

I shrugged. "It's everywhere."

Which is true—whether it's from my point of view, my penpals', my family's, etc, it's everywhere.  I could write about a friend's breakup; I could write about a really cute celebrity; I could write about family drama; I could write about stupid daydreams (those, I can assure you, will never see the light of day); I could write about anything.

One song gets to me a bit.

It's called "Never Mind." When you read the lyrics, you think, "Huh, must be about a penpal's breakup or something."

It's not.

It's not even from a friend's point of view; it's mine.  All mine.  And possibly hundreds of other people. (Depends on this one man's fanbase.)

I won't say who it is; he may be in his twenties and I not even fourteen, but I'm still more of an adult than him. 

It was a couple days before the election here in the States.  I won't say who my family and I were rooting for (although I bet you could guess it); I don't want to start anything.

The person I wrote this song for is a YouTuber my sister and I loved (note the past tense).  We found him through a funny YouTuber we love (note the present tense), and thought this guy was really funny.

Well, on Twitter, our opinion of this man totally changed.

I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was something along the lines of how stupid the candidate we love was and how "if you or your parents are voting for him, go eat bricks."

Yes, those were his exact words. 

First of all, he's freaking British.  Keep your opinion out of our freaking way; it's our business, not yours. (Of course, everybody is open to his or her own opinion; just don't be obnoxious and childish about it.)

I really badly want to write this person's name (or username), but I won't.  I already gave enough away saying he's British.

My sister very maturely told him how she wouldn't stand that behavior, how she would no longer watch his videos. 

I just wrote a song about him.

First of all, that was really unwise—has it occurred to him that a large portion of his fanbase could like this candidate?  That a large portion might not take this crap? 

When I heard of this, I first felt really, really disappointed and heartbroken. (Of course, since I wasn't as big of a fan of him as I am of Tobuscus and Yamimash, I wasn't REALLY heartbroken; but it still hurt a little.) For God's sake, we thought this dude was awesome.  But nope; people have surprises nonetheless.

Then I felt angry.  How dare he say that!  How ignorant could somebody be?  How rude?  How mean?

Listen, if you agree with him, I have nothing against you; if you stand up for his action, I can't say I'm fond of you.

I never expected it from him.  To me, he looked like more of a quiet, reserved guy; not this.

Before I close this, I apologize for the rant, but I just wanted to put this out there because (1. Inspiration is everywhere, so if you're a songwriter and you have writer's block, don't worry; you'll get inspiration soon enough.  And (2. Please, if somebody did something like this to you, don't take it.  That doesn't mean you can get into a big long fight; you gotta choose your battles.  If you really know what you're talking about and have a fair argument, alright, give it a try; nothing sucks more than trying to defend yourself and making things worse.  And be sure you're mature about it; even though I really trashed him in this post, if you call him names back, you'll sink to his level.  I tried to be as mature as I could, but hey, things slip out. 

Thank you for reading, and for putting up with my anger, here's a really stupid picture.

IT'S SLENDERPIP!!!!!!!! (I'm listening to "Trash Talk" right now.  IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!)

XD I was bored one night and thought, "Dude, I'm gonna make this drawing." So I got a picture of Pip off the Internet, drew Slendy, and copied the bowtie onto him. XD I love Paint. XD

Thank you for reading this; I really appreciate it.  And if you just so happen to be the person I'm talking about, listen, I don't usually write these kind of posts; I don't usually write about people. (Songs are another story.) You really have to push me to write this kind of thing; and you did.  That was really immature, and really hurtful; do you know how much I loved your videos?  Well, I loved them a lot; but I don't anymore.  Thanks for ruining everything, buddy.

The only good thing out of your behavior is that I got another song.  Beating me down doesn't work; when I fall, I get back up; recover; write.

So please, think about what you say next time.  Thank you—I'm sure everybody appreciates it.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Happy Holidays, everybody! 

Like every Christmas Eve, my family and I went to my grandparents' house last night.  I think we got home around eleven...XD
I think it's safe to say this was a pretty awesome Christmas.  I got—

*A HUNTER HAYES T-SHIRT!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 (My cousin REALLY knows me well. XD)


*chocolate (YESSSS!!!!)


*a funny Krav Maga shirt (I'm so wearing it this Saturday)

*a pretty shirt from my grandparents

*Shaun of the Dead (that movie's hilarious)

*subscription to a country magazine (don't know when that starts, but I got three recent magazines!!!  IT'S EVERY FREAKIN' WEEK!!!!!)

*super colorful socks Mama knitted<3

*a Tobuscus shirt (AUDIENCE?!?!  What am I doing on this shirt, Audience?!?!?! ♥)


Oh yes.  This is pretty much how my day went.

In other words, I had a pretty good holiday.

The CMA Country Christmas was awesome!  I can't choose a favorite performance; everybody was fantastic. ☺

Well, I suppose that's it for this post...just like last year, Mom was the first one up and literally dragged us out of our beds at nine. XD She was up at six making a chocolate pie. XD Can you tell she was excited about the yarn she got? XD (Lots and lots and LOTS of yarn; she's REALLY happy. XD)

That's really pretty much it...I'm currently on Christmas break for school, and I'll start Monday next week.  Choir doesn't start until sometime in January (I'm assuming the eighth), and there's a Krav Maga Christmas party in January, too (I think around the twelfth?). 

And on January fifth, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Finally, my birthday lands on a I get to start the day with getting smacked in the mouth by my cousin at Krav.  Oh, the fun never ends. XD
Thanks for reading!  I hope you all had a very happy Holiday, and will have a freakin' awesome week. XD Oh, there's another good thing—the world didn't end!  Huzzah! XD


P.S. Yes, there actually are funky orange lines on my Hunter Hayes t-shirt.  No, they look nothing like that in the drawing...yes, I am a terrible artist. =)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Awards Show, Pathogens, Choir, and New Genre

Lots of stuff to cover in one post...get ready. XD

Last night, the ACA's were on from seven to nine, and I started watching at eight.  I was reading in the other room when I heard Jake Owen singing "The One That Got Away" and Dad yelling, "NAOMI!!!!!!  THIS IS THE SONG THAT'S PLAYING WHEN WE DRIVE TO KRAV!!!!!!!" XD

I'm very bummed I missed so many great performers (I MISSED HUNTER HAYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I saw Keith Urban :D), but it was still super awesome! 

Okay, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with country award shows (I'm pretty sure the CMA Country Christmas is on the twentieth XD), but I just HAVE to put up this picture.

For school, I was learning about the four major groups of human pathogens.  I decided to make pictures.

So whenever you say "bacteria" or "protist," this is the very first thing I think of:

XD Bacteria was just out of nowhere, virus and protist were pretty close, and fungus is...well, it's fungus. XD (My dad's favorite line: "There's a fungus among us!" XD)

Alright, let's get back to music. XD

On Sunday is our last choir performance for the semester.  We had another last Sunday, too, and it was awesome.  I'm getting songwriting done (I wrote a new song yesterday—"Waiting in Tennessee"—after taking geography notes XD), and I'm actually listening to a new genre.

Okay, I made a weird transition between genres before.  A few years ago, I absolutely LOVED Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson's solo albums (I still love them.  I don't listen to them a lot, but they're still super awesome).  When I was about twelve (was it mid December of 2010??), I was going through stations on the radio when I heard Sara Evans's "Suds in the Bucket" playing.  I fell in love with the song, and then I heard "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry, "Anything Like Me" by Brad Paisley, "Put You in a Song" by Keith Urban, "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum, and so on. 

Earlier this year (around March or April), when I was watching The Voice, I was rooting for Pip.  TEAM BOWTIE!!!! (And Blake!!!! :D) In October, I heard his first single, "Who Cares," loved it (I know it by heart, haha XD), and a night or two ago I heard a few other songs from him.  I never liked pop (I don't count Taylor Swift as pop—except for songs like "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "22," but I love 'em anyway :)), but I love his songs.  I love how disco-y "Hooked" is. XD

No, this doesn't mean I'm leaving country and going into pop.  If you go to my MP3 player, you'll see that Pip is the only name under the pop genre.  And country is listed twice.  And there's more country listed under unknown (no idea why it did that...).

That's pretty much it for an update!  I'm a little over halfway through my grade, finally. :) I ought to be done sometime in April.  Woohoo!!!

Ah, and I missed Krav Maga last Saturday because of a dress rehearsal. X( I know, I like, NEVER have crossing activities (because I usually have just one activity and get really involved in it), but yeah, they clashed. DX Fortunately, Dad said they were just doing kicks, so nothing new.  I already know the combinations from the summer class. ;)

Thanks for reading!  You guys rock. :D

Oh, and for all you Slender fans out there...

My sister was playing Slender again last night and actually got seven pages!  She died right after she clicked the seventh page, but still, new record!  As for me, I got six pages—and I'm super excited because I got six on my buggy laptop.  Yes, this is coming from the person who died on zero pages. XD It's possible...XD

Bye! :)


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

American Songwriter 99's Own Account?

My sister and I just goofed around with Facebook last night, and she helped me make an account.

Naturally, I have no idea how to do anything.  But it's still fun.

I was just thinking—"What would it be like if I made a Twitter or Facebook account just for my blog?"

Then I thought it was silly; after all, I'm still super new.  This blog is only like, six months old.  Besides, no one's even seen my songs (I'm convinced Keith didn't get it >:().  So what's the point in making an account for something people don't know about?

It sounds like it'd be fun, though—I'd feel all business-y and such.  And yes, I will add my weird pictures on that account, too—if I figure out how to. ;)

I won't be making AS99's account anytime soon, but it IS a fun thought.  I'd have to think what the heck I'd put up there.  I barely have musical updates on here—just weird stuff I, and apparently other people, think is funny. XD

Who knows?  Maybe in a few years (several, several, SEVERAL years XD), I'll have my own account just for this blog. 

And maybe a few pictures.


Okay, so I'm gonna tell you a story (or update, whatever you wish to call it) only because the pictures I'll draw will make no sense without it.

You know how I told you about Carrie Underwood coming to my area with Hunter Hayes opening the show?  And how bummed out I was that I couldn't get tickets because I thought they were sold out?

Well, they AREN'T sold out, and I could get decent seats, but the problem is that the concert is in a bad neighborhood; the crime rate is too high for our liking.  So it's a no. :(

I was trying to come up with all the reasons in the world why I should be glad I'm not going.

That, of course, is a huge fail.

I saw Brad Paisley this year (best.  Concert.  EVER!!!) with Miranda Lambert, the Pistol Annies, The Band Perry, Jerrod Niemann (due to heavy traffic, we missed his performance :(), and Chris Young opening.  When Chris's song "You" started playing, oh God, all those fangirls screamed SO LOUD.  Even though I'm not that hopelessly in love with him, I decided to scream along with them, just for the heck of it. 

I figured that when Hunter started playing "Wanted," I'd go deaf with all the fangirls screaming (and my own screaming).  So there's ONE good reason to stay home.

Nah.  Still not enough to keep me home.

Is that bad? XD

Whatever. XD Okay.  Your drawings. XD

I keep thinking, "Aw, man!  I missed Hunter open for Taylor Swift, and now I'm missing him opening for Carrie Underwood?  Who's next, Keith Urban?!?!?!?" My friend and I then began thinking about all the ways I'd get to meet him.

Number 1: Going to the Concert Anyway and Jumping from Above

Number 2: Not Going to Concert, but Asking Slendy for Help

Number 3: That's Currently It.  Any Tips?


Thanks for reading!  Slendy and I really appreciate it. :)


Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Music Post in a Really Long Time XD

I sometimes forget this is a music blog. XD

Ok.  So here's your update:

I've currently got eight songs on my fifth album.  And you know, if you asked me, "Hey, make a list of every single person you've written about," then I'm gonna waste A LOT of paper.

Hee hee.

Yeah, it doesn't take much...☺

Krav Maga on Saturday was fun, as usual.  I'm grateful I didn't get smacked in the face—I wasn't wearing my mouth guard, heh heh. >:D

I finished Test 80 last week, so I'm officially half way through my grade!  Huzzah!

This isn't musical, sorry, haha. XD

Last summer, I finished every single song I had, but now I have at least three unfinished ones.  I'm just stuck.  I've got writer's block.


I guess I need some more inspiration...hee peers better watch out. ;)

Haha, no, it's too late for them.



PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oh, and for those who watch "The Walking Dead"—we're SO glad Lori's finally gone!  Gosh, she was annoying.  Why would you do that in a forest during a zombie apocalypse with your husband's best friend after he's been supposedly dead for two weeks?  Ugh...the baby's really cute, though.  I'm rootin' for the baby. XD)

So yesterday, my sister and I played Slender for the very first time.  It's such an awesome game—although my laptop is REALLY buggy, so sometimes, it won't let me move. XD Or it'll make me run right into the Slender Man. XD Oh well.  After those videos of guys dressing up as Slender Man and dancing, I probably WOULD hug him. XD


Thanks so much for reading!  I'll post again sometime this month...or year...or decade...☺


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Country Pride

Okay, I promised to not use this blog to rant, and I will keep that promise. 

However, this has been bugging me for quite some time.

As I mentioned before, I'm a country girl in a very non-country area.

You can see how this is going.

I ain't forcing anybody to be country.  I ain't forcing anybody to LIKE country.  And I certainly ain't forcing any political party or religion on anybody.

All I ask, however, is for people to be gracious.  For people to NOT be so stuck up and prejudiced; for people NOT to say anything about my religion, NOT to say anything about my political party, just NOT say anything AT ALL.

I don't mind, "Yeah, I don't really agree with that candidate" or "I don't really like that religion." But to say, "All (political party goes here) are STUPID!  They're so DUMB!" or "(religion goes here) is so ridiculous.  I HATE ANYONE who follows it."

That's a bit childish, isn't it?

I have no intention on insulting anybody, and I absolutely HATE political and religious discussions.

That's why I don't post about that stuff at all.

But I HATE it when some people I know (for their sakes, I won't even say what scenario it was) say something rude just because the majority of the people agree with them.

Not EVERYONE agrees.

Of course, I stood up for myself, my family, and anyone else like me. 

They didn't say another word.

But really, I'm so sick of how I'm looked down on in this area.  I want to do something about it—but I want to do it in a mature fashion.  For example, as much as I would like to, I won't tell them what idiots they are. (That was Dad's suggestion, but I told him maybe I'll hold off on that insult...but I WILL use it if necessary.)

Now that that's out, this post is WAYYYYY too serious.

Behold...the moment you've all been waiting for...

Um...what moment was that again? XD

Ok.  I forgot. XD
In fifth (or sixth...?  I don't even remember XD) grade, I had to write a children's story and draw pictures to go along with it.  I wrote about a star or something that fell out of the sky or whatever, and these zoo animals that don't like each other and whatnot had to put it back.  I think.


So here are the stupid pictures. XD

I know, I know; my giraffe-drawing ability is horrible.

Hey, this was done on the computer.  You should see how it would turn out if I drew it by hand. (RUN, EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks for reading my most (and only) serious post ever!  I promise the next one will be music related, silly, or both. :) Bye!


P.S. If y'all just so happen to be one of the people I'm talking about, guess what?  I ain't changing.  You can't make me feel bad for who I am, all right?  Just give it up.  We both know who the adult in this situation is. 

P.S.S. I will write a song about you.

P.S.S.S. And I'll eat chocolate.

P.S.S.S.S. And I won't share any.  How ya like THAT?!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lower Braces >:D

Another non-music post on a music blog!!!  Yay!!!!!!

On Friday, I got my lower braces (yes, right before Saturday morning, when I would go to Krav Maga XD I didn't get smacked in the face, fortunately XD).  It wasn't really painful, since I took an Aleve before we left, and it didn't hurt till Saturday morning, naturally. XD But I took another Aleve and felt fine. 

I always get red and blue, and while the lower braces were normal (red for one bracket, blue for another, red for the next, etc.), my orthodontist was getting creative with my top teeth:

All right, I'll admit: my teeth aren't that straight.

My upper teeth are more accurate than the lowers.  My bottom teeth, however, are really crowded.

They don't hurt that bad right now, though. :)

And we're putting up the CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!

I've been bugging Mom to do that for a month now...XD We always have it up for Thanksgiving, so I think we ought to put turkeys on it, since we always hold that holiday. XD

Okay, I suppose I should give SOME update...

I finished my fifth album!  Yes, eleven tracks...;)

I have a few tracks for my sixth, and maybe just one on my Christmas one; I screwed up when I said two, haha. XD

Thanks for reading!  I have to go play music and put that darn tree up.  Bye! :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012




CMA stands for "Country Music Association," and I'M SO EXCITED!!!! XD

I wonder if Taylor will get "Entertainer of the Year Award" again this year.  It feels like the 2011 CMA's were just yesterday. XD They were my first ones. XD

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!  I'm sure Brad and Carrie will be hilarious tonight.  I wonder if they'll be able to top the Faith Hill and Tim McGraw dolls from last year. XD

I don't have time to make a new picture (considering the fact I'm shoving bread into my mouth due to the CMA's being on pretty soon), so I'll upload a picture of Smaug's eye I made.  I decided to add that to the inside of my book jacket just for fun. XD

Weird, eh? XD

Thanks for reading my completely pointless post!!! XD
Also, "Red" came in the mail yesterday!!!! AND THE LAST TWO BOOKS IN THE SECRET SERIES BY PSEUDONYMOUS BOSCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, this isn't the result of a bunch of sugar from Halloween. XD I didn't even go trick-or-treating; we figured thirteen was too old for that stuff. :p But I still ate candy. XD

Bye!!!!! XD


Monday, October 29, 2012

Non-Music Related Post

It's late at night, I'm really slaphappy, and I'll probably regret this post in the morning.

All the more reason to put it up for the world to see.

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Hunter Hayes.  I'm also rather fond of tacos.

So it all comes down to the big question: who would be better in a zombie apocalypse, Hunter Hayes or Taco Man?

I know what you're thinking: "Oh geez, what new disturbing organism has Naomi created this time?"

That, my friend, is the magical and slightly invincible Taco Man.

I know I could get pictures from the Internet and do a horrible job at photo shopping, but drawing it all out at midnight or however late it is happens to be way more entertaining.

So be afraid.

Now, first, there's Hunter:

And then we have Taco Man:

Taco Man is very loyal.  He can sense enemies when they're near, read minds, and fly.

Also, you can eat him to prevent starvation.

Hunter, however, is an actual existing human being who might not be able to fly (yet), but certainly will make better decisions than a huge taco with amazingly unnatural superpowers.  And he can smack zombies with his guitar or bass or any of the thirty instruments he can play.

Such a tough choice.  Who do YOU vote for?

One can sing.  One can fly.

Difficult decisions.

I suppose I should go to sleep or something weird like that.  Goodnight, and thanks for reading my messed up post!

And I PROMISE I won't take this down in the morning. ;)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Parade

Hi world. :D

Yesterday, my family and I went to a cute little town three hours away.  There was supposed to be a Halloween parade later at six-thirty, so we spent the entire day looking at little shops.

I think we arrived around noon.  After going to a chocolate store, (peanut butter truffle = AMAZING) we went to one of Mom's favorite places: the yarn shop.

There were walls of yarn.

In other words, we were there for a while.

I decided to bring our banana costume with.  Mom bought the costume a few years ago and was dancing on my grandparents' street on Halloween.  My sister dressed as the banana two years ago (one man called her a pencil.  She was not pleased), and I chose to wear it at the parade.

I put it on over an hour before it started, and we sat on a bench.  It was really cold out, so I put my coat on over the costume.  Several people liked my costume, and little kids would shout, "BANANA!!" During the parade, one kid actually wore a banana costume. XD I shouted, "BANANAS UNITE!!!" XD Another guy was dressed as a gorilla, so we freaked out. XD It was really crowded, and one person said, "You almost kicked the banana!" XD

The parade was awesome!  The gorilla was playing the drums. XD And twice they had a huge fire come by.  It was really nice, considering the fact it was in the forties and all. XD

We got home around eleven P.M., and I read a new country magazine I got at a book store, and then I fell asleep. XD I didn't get up until, like, eleven this morning...XD

Today, I was like, "I'm gonna study and be awesome," and instead I did karaoke and watched Tobuscus videos on YouTube. XD Best day ever. XD

As far as songwriting goes, I have eleven tracks for my fifth album and two for my sixth. WOOO!!!!!!  INTERNET HIGH FIVE!!! +-.__. <—He's giving a high five.  Go on.  High five the screen.  I dare you. XD

You know how I have to send in a book jacket for The Hobbit for school?  If I didn't tell you already, then I have to send in a book jacket for The Hobbit for school. XD I finished it, and I ain't THAT happy with it...but here it is:

For the flowers, rather than spending time on each flower and making them perfect and beautiful, I just copied and pasted them. XD

I think on Wednesday, for Halloween, we're going to Grandma & Grandpa's.  We usually do, so I'll ride in the a banana. XD I tried putting a cowboy hat on top, but it wouldn't say. :( XD

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate it. :)

And so does Banana Man (yes, I'm bringing him back from several posts ago).

Wow man, that's creepy...XD

Bye! :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What? XD

Sorry.  I don't know what else to name this post. XD

So nothing super exciting has been going on.  I thought Taylor Swift's album was out on the thirtieth, but it's out on the twenty-second instead.  I still haven't looked up Dustin Lynch's album yet; I only know one song. XD
STILL won't be seeing Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes this December (DARN IT!!!), but hey, I may be able to get tickets from the never know.

Choir is the usual.  Lots of fun and cool songs. :)

Songwriting is going pretty well.  I think I'm almost done with my fifth album, and I may record sometime Saturday...

UGH, this is boring!!!!  PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do I draw...?

Ooh!  I know!

So on Sunday, my family and I were watching The Walking Dead.  This is the first episode I've seen, so I'm totally confused.  Could I just say, though, that one of the characters looks A LOT like Blake Shelton?  I was like, "Oh my gosh, Blake's a zombie killer!!!" I don't remember his name, of course, but's pretty awesome.

And Blake would be an awesome zombie killer.  I can definitely see that.

So yeah.  PICTURE!!!!!!!!!

You know, after watching Aragorn chop hundreds of orcs' heads off, the show wasn't too bad.  Could've done without the eating shots, though.

Thanks for reading!  For school, I have to make a book jacket, and I'm thinking of making one for The Hobbit.  When I have it up on the computer, I can post it in here.

Bye!  :)


Wednesday, October 3, 2012



So I have NO idea what to be for Halloween...trick-or-treating or not, I'm dressing up. :D

Hm...a zombie hobbit?


I got the Ring and everything...

So music is going pretty well.  I was listening to Last Christmas (yes, in October XD) and I thought, "I wanna cover this song," and then I thought, "I wanna write a song," and thus a stupid song was born.

I think I have, like, six or seven ideas for a fifth album...woot woot. :D

I just have to finish the lyrics to one song I haven't worked on in a week, and I'll officially have six or seven songs. ☺

Choir is going well, too.  We're doing Carol of the Bells.  Mom absolutely LOVES that song, so we're all excited. (:

And Taylor Swift's "Red" is out on the thirtieth, I think!!!!!  And Wanted got number one two weeks in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well, I suppose September would have to be awesome, too, because last Sunday was September, and that's when I heard the countdown, and the Sunday BEFORE THAT was in September, so both months rock.



Remember those pictures of the bunnies in our yard?  The four babies grew up—although I think one or two might be living with Mama in the front bushes—and we still have the mom.  She's a fearless little bunny; we always see her when we get home from choir and she never runs away.

However, I think I gave her too much spinach; she doesn't eat it now. XD She'll only eat the carrots. XD I might have to rip up the spinach and hide it under the carrots, but then she could separate the two (like my dog does XD). XD XD

This is exactly what I do with my time.

...I made this when I was bored.

I found the orange juice picture online and then copied it.


Thanks so much for reading and putting up with my craziness. 8D


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just an Update of Boringness

Nothing super exciting is going on, but I wanna write a new post. :)

Dad tried Krav Maga today, and he really liked it!  Looks like my poor cousin will be dragged into it after all, hee hee. :D

I currently have four tracks on my fifth album. WOO!!!  I don't feel really inspired when it comes to writing, though.  And no, I haven't sent Keith Urban the song again or Thompson Square or Billy Currington or Hunter Hayes.  I haven't even written Hunter's song...yet...mwahahahaha...!!!

School is going all right—I started in July and I'm already sick of it. XD Although I'm a little more than a fourth of the way through.  Looks like seven lessons a week really pays off, eh? X)

I'm probably going to be recording today, or studying, or looking at choir music—did I mention how my choir director switched me?

Dang it.  I like being an alto III—who usually have the lowest parts—but he made me an alto II.  *pout* Then my sister reminded me how she, who was there for four and a half years (I've only been around for like, one and a half), was NEVER permanently a II.  The II's usually have the hardest parts, and not only am I a II, but I border a III, so it's like a super honor now.


Still miss being a III...ah well.  I'll adjust.  Somewhat. :D

DRAWING TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading! ♥


Friday, September 14, 2012

Fourth, DONE!

Yup, my fourth album is DONE!!!!

Eleven tracks per album, and I didn't even notice. XD I'm so oblivious...XD

Of course, when I say a song is finished, I mean the lyrics are, and some songs don't even have any instruments at all.  I just have an acoustic guitar, and electric guitar, a fiddle and we don't even know how to tune it, and a keyboard. (We have drums, which I'm awful at playing, a piano, several other guitars, two amps—I have a little one in my room that just collects dust—and two basses.)

Someday, I shall own a banjo. 


I didn't know electric banjos existed until I went to a Brad Paisley concert and The Band Perry was performing.  Dude, that was AWESOME. 

Electric banjos...that sounds so darn cool.

I even made my own version of "Last Christmas" by Wham!  Usually when I come up with instruments for a song, it's all in my head and it very rarely is actually played because...well...I have no idea how to play the violin and I don't even own a banjo. 

But at least I'm done with another album.  I don't believe it...number five!!

And for all you country music fans, I think the CMA's are on November first, but alas, I don't remember what time.  Dang it...

And I think Taylor Swift's fourth album, "Red," is out October thirtieth.  YAY!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CHRISTMAS PRESENTTTTTT!!!! XD

Ok, now your drawing...

A couple months ago, for school, they wanted me to choose from a list of items ONE THING I would use to help me survive on a stranded island.  I chose three instead.

You see, Coconut Man would keep me company, and I'd never get lonely, so I'd never go too insane. Ah, who am I kidding?  I'm already insane. >8D

Thanks for reading!  Maybe I'll put up my cover of Last Christmas...I dunno. XD Bye!! :)


Thursday, September 6, 2012


First rehearsal was on Tuesday.


As usual. :)

We have rehearsal again today, although not quite as long as Tuesday.  I absolutely love choir<3

It's so much fun!  I swear, if you looked at the schedule in my mind, you'd think my life revolves around it:

That's not my only activity, actually.  I know I said I only had one activity—choir, not counting the guitar lessons from Dad or songwriting.  But now I have another—KRAV MAGA.

Remember how I said I'm gonna miss a couple classes because choir is at the same time?  Well, my cousin and I can do make-up classes on Saturday morning!!!

So I guess no choir dreaming, or maybe I'll dream that night, or maybe it'll be a short dream.  I don't know.

I think the class is at ten-thirty, and it's the adult I really hope my cousin's there, haha...XD
Songwriting is going well, and I'm going to try to stop counting how long it's been since I sent my song to Keith Urban (fifty-eight days, by the way). 



That's it, I think. XD My weeks are gonna be busy, and I'm doing Test 40 today and tomorrow—in other words, I'm a fourth of the way through seventh grade, and I think I started in like, July or something.  Woo!!!!!!!! :D HUZZAH FOR GETTIN' STUFF DONE!!! FOR ONCE!!! XD

Thanks for reading and putting up with me! XD

Saturday, September 1, 2012

53 days...

...since I sent my song to Keith Urban.


Mom said that in a couple weeks or so, we'll write out another letter—this time more formal.



So Dad and I usually have "band practice" on the weekends; in other words, he plays the drums while I play the guitar and we make my mom and sister come to the basement to hear a song that's only fifteen-thirty seconds long.

It's fun.

Test 40 is coming up!!! I'm so darn nervous!!!

This is not music related, but my curriculum is super funky.  It says it's seventh grade, but it's really eighth grade work.  Once I reach Test 80, I'll be half way.

The tests are 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, and 160, each spread out between twenty lessons; one is a review lesson and an extra day for more review. 

My curriculum is pretty difficult, but it's excellent for preparing you for high school. 

You know, I say I'm in eighth grade because I don't want to deal with kids saying, "What?  You're a thirteen year old seventh grader?" But really, it makes sense.

Thirteen = seventh grade.

Fourteen = Eighth grade.

Fifteen = Freshman.

You know, there are tons of fifteen year olds who are just starting high school.  Taylor Swift has a song about it called "Fifteen." (It's a fantastic song.  You gotta check it out. :D)

Songwriting is going well.  I have a tenth song for my fourth album, and only two don't have completed lyrics.  I haven't sent any more songs yet; I want to focus on Keith's. (And writing Hunter's, but really, I am just not inspired right now...)

And happy birthday to my friend, Emma!  You rock, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I mentioned her blog, "Life's a Twitch," before, but really, it's super awesome. :)

Thanks for reading!!! HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!!!! XD

For school, I had to make a product label for a fern.  I hope you like it. XD

Is it good? XD

Bye! :)


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holy Cheesesticks!!

So this was my last week with Krav Maga.  I'm going to miss a few classes, since choir is starting next week, and we're hoping my cousin and I can go in on the adult class on Saturday mornings to make up for the ones we'll miss.

We joined over the summer when the class started in March, and my cousin missed this week (she started school last week and was too busy), and guess what?

We got our test results back.

I didn't know half of the stuff on the test at the time (I know now, though ;D XD), so I thought I'd fail for sure.

I passed.

And I got a CERTIFICATE!!!!


I was super excited.  When we got in the car, I asked, "Wanna listen to the radio?" Mom didn't care, so I turned it on, and guess what?


They NEVER play Hunter Hayes.  I usually just hear Wanted at midnight and I haven't heard Storm Warning on the radio in a year.

So I freaked out.

Also, on the way home from another Krav Maga class a couple weeks ago, Ain't Nothing 'Bout You by Brooks & Dunn was playing.

Not only is that my favorite song of all time, but they like, NEVER play Brooks & Dunn, either, and the last time I heard that song on the radio was last summer as well.



Besides that, nothing exciting is going on. XD
It's been 51 days since I sent my song to Keith Urban, and Mom and I decided to send a more formal letter again in a couple weeks.  I said I'd be pesty, didn't I? ;) XD

By the way, I totally suck at playing the fiddle. XD I'm so bad...XD I guess it's the combination of us not knowing how to tune it and me just not being good with violins. XD
Anyway, songwriting is going pretty good.  I'm getting inspiration—*narrows eyes at specific people*—everywhere, which is super helpful. (Sometimes, when it comes to a love song, since I never dated, I just add on to the story and exaggerate...or I'll write about my penpals' experiences. ;) XD) (In other words, no one's safe. >:D XD)

That's it for this update!  This is a picture I made of my dog a while ago:

Snoopy has a million nicknames, and Moo is one of his most popular ones.  XD

Thanks so much for reading!!!! :)


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fourth Album!!!!


I've noticed a trend here.  My demo has eleven songs.  My debut has eleven songs.  My third has eleven songs.  And the fourth?

So far, it has nine songs.

Who thinks we can make it to eleven?


I'm really excited!  There's only one song, "Sorry," that doesn't have completed lyrics at the moment.  I think I have like, forty-eight songs in all right now.

*happy dance*

I love happy dances.  They make me happy.

ANYWAY, I must go, and I am very sad to say I don't have much time to make a new picture for you. *sulk*

BUUUUT, I can put up two pictures we took of the baby bunnies in our backyard:


Ok. That's it. XD
Thanks for reading!  Love you all!!!! <3 :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Song!!


Ok. I'm done.


Well, I guess the Keith-Urban-song-thing ain't a countdown...ah, whatever...

I haven't sent Thompson Square's or Billy Currington's songs yet...and I kinda have an idea for a song I might send to Hunter Hayes—*faints*

*five minutes later*

Ok.  I'm fine.

Anyway, it's been thirty-seven days since I sent my song to Keith Urban  (I'm pretty sure, at least...), I'll start the countdown for my birthday when it's actually a month before, and choir starts in 19 days. YIPPEE!!!

I even planned out what I'm wearing. XD
Okay, so my grandparents on my dad's side are an hour away and have seven acres.  I love it there—I drive that golf cart like a madman.  Also, the frogs are fun to hold...until the jump onto your shoulder and pee on you. (Not good for your first time holding frogs.)

In their town is Farm & Fleet.

Also known as THE BEST STORE EVER!!!

Seriously, HOW many stores have cheeseballs (that's a word, darn it!!) and cowboy boots and OFFICE SUPPLIES?!?!?!

Yes. My favorite stores are Farm & Fleet, Office Depot, and Godiva.


Anyway, there are two AWESOME pairs of cowboy boots there.

I currently have a pair of black muddy boots, brown boots (got them for my birthday this year XD), a black cowboy hat, a beige-ish white-ish yellow-ish cowboy hat (both are straw hats), a brown straw cowboy hat, and another brown cowboy hat I got in a nice Amish community.  The other three are from Alabama. :D

Anyway, Mom said the next time we go to my grandparents' house (which is this Saturday, I think), I can buy a pair of boots (black and white fake snakeskin ones. Oh yeah!!) and get a pair for  Christmas (black and red with a white silhouette of a bull head on it—like on Brooks & Dunn albums!!!!!!!!!).

Do you know what this means?

As someone with  OCD, this is slightly exciting for me.

I will have four hats.





Yeah, I organize a ton. X)

So yeah. EXCITED!!!

What was I talking about before? XD Oh yeah. Choir. XD

I'm thinkin' of wearing the black and white fake snakeskin boots, a white dress, the black cowboy hat (the straw brown one is my favorite, but hey, gotta mix-and-match...;)), and these white gloves (although they're sort of like mittens in that the fingers are all together and you can roll them up if you're cold—I'll draw you a picture) with a Rivendell-Lothlórien-like design Mom knitted. 

And here is what those gloves look like:

Worst picture I made yet, in my opinion. :)

Thanks for reading! <3


Monday, August 13, 2012

Shortest Post Ever

34 days since I sent my song to Keith Urban.

22 days until choir starts.

4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days until my birthday.



If you can read that, then you get an awesome award.

Thanks for reading! <3


Friday, August 10, 2012

Albums!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

I'm making progress!!!!

So I sent my song to Keith 31 days ago, and it hasn't occurred to me that he might be in Australia for The Voice.  Hmph.  Well, I'm prepared to be pesty...;)

As for my "albums," I had to, once again, get rid of ANOTHER song.  Even though they're only three or four I got rid of, it kills me to drop an idea.  I even changed "Rainy Days;" I liked the title, so I decided to make it a metaphor for love, because, according to Hunter Hayes and David Nail, the weather makes an excellent metaphor for love. 

Also, I had my first tests of the grade today.  I have three more coming up, and then I'll continue on with Lesson 21.  Yippee...

Ah, well, I don't think I'll fail that bad. XD Anyway, I switched some songs around (so my thirtieth song just may be on my demo album XD).  Here would be my albums—and again, my computer may do funky stuff and make it look weird.  My computer hates me, soooo...XD

Demo: (if I could name it, I'd name it this—) Good Days
1. Treat Him Right
2. All You Got to Do
3. Ain't Gonna Change
4. Why I Wrote This
5. Enough
6. Ride Free
7. Can't You See
8. All Wrong
9. Can't Make Me
10. Choose Me
11. Good Days
Debut: (I think I'd do a self-titled album, like what Taylor Swift or Hunter Hayes did, so then—) Naomi ______
1. I'm a Country Girl
2. Rainy Days
3. Waitin' For the Day
4. The End
5. How Much More
6. Waiting for You
7. Don't Forget
8. Invincible
9. My Best Friend
10. God Bless Family
11. This is How Love Goes
Second album!!!: Tangled
1. Unwanted
2. Time
3. Down to Nothing
4. Fell
5. Dreams
6. Tangled
7. In the Cold
8. Found You
9. Memories
10. Words Can't Describe
11. Please Tell Me
(11 seems to be a lucky number for me, eh? XD)
THIRD ALBUM THAT AIN'T COMPLETED YET!!!!!!: Torn Away (the name might change as more songs are written)
1. Torn Away
2. It's You
3. You Don't Know Me
That's it so far. XD I'm so excited!  I've written one duet (not counting Thompson Square's song, and I still have no clue who to do the duet with *cough cough* HUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYES *cough cough* XD), three songs for other artists (Keith Urban—sent!!!—Billy Currington—soon will be sent—and Thompson Square—my favorite of the three), a song I cowrote with one of my penpals, and my own version of Last Christmas (I own pretty much nothing; I didn't have the idea for it, I didn't write it, it's just my own arrangement of the lyrics and music).  I think altogether it's 42 or 43 songs.  Woohoo!!
I can't wait to write more! for right now...

As a chocoholic, this was my first idea. :)

Thanks for reading!  You all rock, as always. :D


Monday, August 6, 2012


I got it.

I listened to it at least five times.




Hunter, thank you for existing.

The book is good, too.

Also, I believe I sent my song to Keith Urban four weeks ago (when tomorrow comes, that is). 


I have an idea for a thirty-eighth song, but I'm not sure about it.  Oh well.

So Dad finished the fiddle!  He named it "Red"'s red.  And pretty.

And here is your dorky drawing.


Goodnight, everyone!  Thanks so much for reading this. :D


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday Money

What do you do when you get birthday money in July even though your birthday is in January?

Awkward.  I know.

Long story short, I got thirty dollars today.

I usually save my money because...well...I'm not the kind of teenager who shops every weekend.  To give you an idea about my personality, my favorite stores are Godiva, Farm & Fleet, and Office Depot.

So, Mom said, "Well, make a list of things you'd like to buy and decide."

So I made a list.

1. Hunter Hayes CD. Wanted this thing since January...during my actual birthday.

2. Country magazines.  Got ten of 'em.

3. A funny book.  I already have the first two, and I'm dying to read the third one.

4. These three books about orcs, but we don't know if it's like a Lord of the Rings thing or if it's orc porn or what.  We'll do a little research on this one, because I am not ready for orc porn.  I don't know why anyone would put that into a book.  We'll see.

5. Chocolate.  Always.

6. Um...that's it.

Now, I only have thirty bucks here.  Of course, I have more, but I'm saving that.  I know, I know, I'm thirteen and a half (a little over a half.  My half-birthday's in June).  I'm not going to college tomorrow or anything, but hey, it's good to prepare...

So I used the power of elimination to help me out.

1. is DEFINITELY staying up there.  As for 2., where I'm from, country isn't the in thing. (It kills me to say that.) Illinois isn't the most country place in the world, specifically the northeastern part of it.  But sometimes we'll see a country magazine at the grocery store (I usually find one once a month, maybe once every other month), and Mom will always buy it because she knows how annoying it is to be obsessed with something that isn't popular in the area you're currently stuck in. (Nashville, I'm coming no matter freakin' what!!!!!!) So I guess that crosses out 2.  And since we're huge chocoholics, I suppose chocolate isn't really necessary to put on the list, considering the fact I will always find my way towards it.  It's just my nature.

So let's take a look at the list.

1. Hunter Hayes CD.

2. Country magazines.

3. A funny book. (Still want this.)

4. Books about orcs that I'm not too sure about getting for the sake of my young eyes.

5. Chocolate.  I will find you.

Okay.  That's good. 

Actually, I ordered the CD and book about twenty minutes ago on Amazon.  Woohoo!

You know, for someone whose life revolves around music, I don't have many of my OWN CDs.  I only have three Taylor Swift CDs, her karaoke CDs, and then Hunter Hayes's CD, when it comes in the mail.  Brooks & Dunn next.  Definitely.  Or Keith Urban.  Or Brad Paisley.  Easton Corbin...Blake Shelton...Kenny...Chesney...OHMYGOSH!!!

This is why I save up. I become a fangirl.  Very dangerous for several of my mortal companions.


So here's your picture.

Yes, I supposedly fainted while writing this post.  OWN.

Hey, have you been watching the Olympics?  Totally awesome. 

I guess this is long enough.  I shall proceed the fainting.  Goodbye, and thanks so much for reading!  You all are amazing. <3 (:


Thursday, July 26, 2012


I've been going to choir ever since the spring of 2011—my sister, however, has been going for four years—and last semester, I did a solo.  The song was "Oh Happy Day," so all the kids who auditioned got solos.  There were several parts, and Canneth* (*name changed.  My sister's mad because she says it sounds like a guy's name, but it's her Elvish name, and I could've chosen "Beren," but Beren is the name of the man who Lúthien fell in love with in "The Silmarillion," and that just would've been downright awkward) and I were paired up.  It was lots of fun, and my choir director, Ecthel* (*name changed.  There are a few choices for people's elvish names, and I liked this one the most.  Someday I'll cut it out ;)), said that we're going to do the song next semester (which is in September. Woohoo!).  I'm definitely soloing again; it was so much fun!

I don't know if Canneth will want to do it again or not, though.  She did it probably because it was my first time soloing and it made me feel better, and it did, (what was awkward was that we were on other sides of the room—after all, I'm an alto III and she's a soprano I, sooooooo...) and if she does it again, I will get on my knees and bug Ecthel to let us be paired up again. It's kind of weird; Canneth has been going to this choir for a long time, so her voice is stronger and more operatic, while my voice is a lot quieter.  It still went awesome, though.

I finished my thirty-seventh song a couple days ago (still not too pleased, but oh well...).  The song is called "Two Sides" and it's written for Billy Currington. It's been exactly sixteen days since I sent Keith Urban his song, and I really wanted to send Thompson Square their song, but I don't know how.  Dad and I are working on this fiddle—we just need to get new strings (we ordered them online last night) and it'll be done!  I can't wait to play it. :D

I'm liking Krav Maga the more and more I go!  It's so much fun.  My cousin, Lethril* (*name changed.  Thank you, Tolkien!!!), started a few weeks ago, and I decided to go, too.  I really liked it, and I wish it was on a different day; In the spring, fall, and winter, I have choir on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Krav Maga is on Tuesday nights, and the activities would just collide.  I've never been one to have several activities.  I just had choir and songwriting.  Dad would give me guitar lessons, and even then, we ought to pick those up again...

The people at Krav Maga said they were going to play around with the schedule, so hopefully this class will move to Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.  I'm going to miss the two last classes, because they extend into September (and choir starts on the fourth), but there are make up classes.  There was testing a few weeks ago, and not to be modest or anything, but I didn't do well, considering the fact we joined in the middle of it all (it started in March, I think) and I didn't know half of the stuff we were being tested on.  Fortunately, I was paired up with a girl who knew what she was doing and helped me through it.  I did my best, at least...or half my best...XD


In case you are wondering, yes, that IS my dog staring right at you in the lower left corner.  I don't know why he has red eyes.  I suppose it's because he's demonically possessed.  Oh well. *shrug*

Thanks so much for reading this!!!  You all are awesome. (:


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Two Weeks Ago Today...

...I sent my song to Keith Urban.

*happy dance*

I also looked at the views on my blog.


Thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for looking at this!!!!!! Seriously, you would NOT believe how happy it makes me. ☺

Now, as promised, here is another picture for you. :D

WARNING: these are extremely bright colors.  Side effects include—



more blindness


projectile vomiting

extreme gas

Justin Bieber

whatever that means

So enjoy. :)

Oh please, no one likes geometry.  This is more realistic:

Much better.


Thanks so darn much for reading this!  You can follow me on Twitter at NomiMarie99, and I don't have a YouTube account OR Facebook page.  Twitter's fun, though. XD

Love you all! :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

More Drawings!!!

It's late at night. I'm listening to "Love Makes Me." I'm tired.  Internet's misbehaving.  I drew you this.

In case Justin's hat is in the way and you can't read the title, that would be my list of role models.  I apologize for getting the heights screwed up (although Blake was right on) and doing a poor job on creating the facial hair (Blake's was bad, but oh man, Justin's...).  I thought to myself, "I'm going to draw my dog." Then I decided to draw stick figures of awesome people.

Now I'm tired.



Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey everyone!

I got braces for my upper teeth today.  As planned, they're red and blue.  I think I'll get the braces for my lower teeth in a month or so. 

But right now, you shall see a wonderful drawing of the awesomely colorful metal on my teeth.

Bad drawing of cowboy boots.  I apologize in advance.

In case you couldn't tell, I was very excited.

Now they hurt.

As far as songwriting goes ('cause that's what the dang blog is about), I'm making a lot of progress.  I have under ten songs left...who thinks I can make it by the end of the summer? ;)

Again, I had to get rid of a song—Wanna Be Me, I think.  Instead, I wrote a new song (it's called "I'm a Country Girl" (;) and it's currently the second track on my fourth album.

So far I've got a demo (twelve songs, I think), a debut (I believe ten—twelve songs, not sure), a second released album (I think eleven), and I'm working on a third (two so far).  I sent Keith Urban his song exactly one week ago, when I find Thompson's Square's address (not to sound creepy ;D), I'll send them their song, and when I finish Billy Currington's song, I'll send it to him (I found his address—again with the creepiness 8D).  I also have that one duet and my own version of "Last Christmas." That was fun to rearrange, heh heh...

Thanks for listening to me blab on and on! :) Do you think I should make stupid pictures for every post?  I think I should...:D

You all rock! <3


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stupid Picture Time!

I sent my song to Keith Urban on Tuesday (which was also Gary LeVox's, the lead singer of Rascal Flatts, birthday!  Happy birthday, Gary!), so I hope you enjoy this awesome picture. 



Monday, July 9, 2012


Wow, I'm actually being productive for once...XD

So here's what I have as far as lyrics/instruments/albums/stuff goes! :) (WARNING: my computer is doing weird stuff—as usual—so the list below may look a little...awkward. XD)

1. album

1. Treat Him Right: Guitar/Lyrics

2. All You Got to Do: Fiddle/Lyrics

3. Ain't Gonna Change: Guitar/Lyrics

4. Why I Wrote This: Guitar/Lyrics

5. Enough: Guitar/Lyrics

6. Ride Free:
7. Can't You See: Lyrics
8. All Wrong: Guitar/Lyrics
9. Can't Make Me: Piano/Lyrics/Guitar
10. Choose Me: Lyrics
11. Good Days: Lyrics
12. Welcome Back:
2. album
1. Rainy Days:
2. It's You: Lyrics
3. Waitin' For the Day: Guitar/Lyrics/Drums
4. Wanna Be Me:
5. The End: Lyrics/Guitar
6. How Much More:
7. Fell:
8. Down to Nothing: Lyrics
9. Don't Forget: Lyrics/Guitar/Drums/Fiddle/Banjo
10. Invincible:
11. My Best Friend: Lyrics/Guitar/Fiddle
3. album
1. Unwanted: Guitar/Fiddle/Lyrics
2. Time:
3. Waiting for You: Lyrics
4. You Don't Know Me: Lyrics/Guitar
5. Dreams:
6. Tangled: Lyrics/Guitar/Banjo
7. In the Cold: Lyrics
8. Found You: Lyrics
9. Memories: Lyrics/Guitar
10. Words Can't Describe: Lyrics/Guitar
11. God Bless Family: Lyrics
12. Please Tell Me: Lyrics
And there are Keith's, Thompson Square's, and Billy's songs, and that duet, and a version of Last Christmas.  WOO!
That's it for this.  Oh!  I got separators at the orthodontist's today; four on the bottom, four on the top.  Except not an hour after the appointment, a bottom one fell out!  They said it's okay, and that there's no more spacing to be done on that one.  Let's hope!
Thanks for reading! You all rock, as usual. (:

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Yesterday was Canneth's* (*name changed, she's my sister) 17th birthday!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday, man!  You're awesome!

And today is Toby Keith's 51st birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He inspired me to get red, white, and blue braces!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which reminds me...tomorrow, I'm going to get spacers on my back teeth, and I think I'll get braces on the seventeenth—for the bottom.  I don't know when I'll get braces for the top.

I've been thinking about this often: what color retainer do I get?

Oh, the joys of going to the orthodontist's!

This wasn't very musical at all, was it?

Guess what else?



Thanks for reading!


Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm not very competitive with other people most of the time...but I am with myself.

"Oh, just eleven P.M.? Please, I can fit in, like, three more recordings..." "ONLY three minutes and forty-five seconds? Make that FOUR minutes and forty-five seconds..." "Are you kidding me?  I can hold that note for just fifteen seconds? C'mon, I'm gonna shoot for twenty..." (NOTE: I can't hold a note for TEN seconds. XD)

Anyway, my goal this time around is to have my first album (lyrics, instruments and all) complete by the end of the summer.  Sounds unlikely, but hey, why not give it a try?

I put the seven recorded songs (which sound terrible, by the way ;)) on the computer, and I just have to bug Canneth* (*name changed, she's my sister) to help me put them on a disc.  Right now she and Dad are at an Iron Maiden concert.  Tonight or tomorrow, Mom is going to help me with my letter to Keith Urban.  I'm so nervous!

I've been goofing around with harmonies lately.  So far, it's going fantastic for "Tangled," and it's getting better for "Words Can't Describe." I currently have 26 songs with completed lyrics, two being for Thompson Square and Keith Urban and one being a duet I wanna do with someone (HUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYES!!!) (oh man, spell check is wiggin' out right now, heh heh...).  I just have around ten ideas to complete!

I'm still bummed I had to get rid of a song.  Oh well.  Happens, right?

And maybe someday I'll put a video up.

Someday. (;

You know, I looked at the views on my blog, and I got up and started dancing.  Thank you SO much for looking at my blog!  I really appreciate it. (:

Thanks for reading!  Here's your weird picture for the day:


Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Every Fourth of July, I go to my grandparents' house early in the morning to see the parade.  It has always been an awesome parade.  A couple times, when the bakery would come around, a guy would throw donuts.  That quickly became a favorite part.

Unfortunately, he wasn't there this time, but they replaced him with zombies. Yes, zombies.  I high-fived one, as a matter of fact. (Stupid spell check says "high-fived" isn't a word. *narrows eyes at spell check*) (By the way, happy 236th birthday, America!  Only half way to 472!)

Now that the excitement over Twilight as fading, I suppose vampires have been kicked out of the spotlight and now zombies are the in thing.  More and more people I know are watching The Walking Dead.

I've never watched it, but I've seen Shaun of the Dead, and that movie is AWESOME. 

There was just one problem with the parade (besides the donut guy not being there): it was SO HOT.  Really, this has possibly been the hottest Fourth I've ever experienced.  At nine A.M., it was over 80 degrees.  It must be in the hundreds right now...

This isn't a very musical update so far, so I'll shut up about the parade now. ;)

I recorded some songs a few nights ago ("Treat Him Right," "Ain't Gonna Change," "The End," "You Don't Know Me," "Don't Forget," "My Best Friend," and "Unwanted"), so at some point I'll put them on the computer and onto a disc.  I have Keith Urban's address (at least, I think it's his address!) and my mom will help me with writing out what I'm going to say.  It's not every day I write to my role models, sending my own songs!  I'm super anxious—but it's a good kind of anxious, I think.

Today I'm going to do "karaoke" versions of "Don't Forget," "The End," "Treat Him Right," and "You Don't Know Me." In other words, it'll just be my guitar and "back up vocals," or me singing off-key, which won't be hard. ;)

Later on, we'll go back to my grandparents' house for pizza.  The Fourth is always busy and fun every year.  Since I'll be starting school again next Wednesday (I know I said two weeks would be the limit...but hey, an extra couple days won't hurt anyone, right? :D), I'm slowly trying to train myself to get up earlier.  For the first time in a week or so, I got up at six-thirty this morning.  However, it turned out I fell asleep for another twenty-thirty minutes.  Hey, I'm getting there...

If I ever talk about "my friends," I'm referring to these awesome girls I know on this cool website where girls from ages 7 to 17 from all over the world can get online and meet each other.  It's really neat; and it's where I met the inspiration for "My Best Friend." (:

Thanks so much for reading!  I really appreciate it.  Have an awesome day! (:


Friday, June 29, 2012


I'm incredibly excited right now!!!!

My sister showed me how to save documents on a disc.  Guess what that means.  Guess.  Guess.  Guess—

Oh, I can't wait for you to guess!!!!! It means I can have my own CD!!!!!!! Of music!!!!!!!  OF MY SONGS!!!!!!!!

On my MP3 player, I can record my songs (it'll just be me and a guitar, so that'll go well, haha!), put them on the computer, and then put them on a disc.  I'll have a CD!! I have twenty-one or twenty-two songs with completed lyrics (although three of them are for other artists and one is a duet), and around half of them have guitar parts, and even more have parts for other instruments, but alas, I do not have those instruments. (Mark my words, one day, I shall have a banjo.)

That's really what this post is all about.  So I guess I'll make a drawing.

Man, I hate geometry...

Bye, everyone! (:


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two in One!

Hey everyone!  How are you all doing?

I'm super excited about today.  Why, you may ask? 

You may have three guesses:

1. I met Hunter Hayes

2. I got a record deal

3. I found a piece of Godiva chocolate as big as my house

Unfortunately, this is a trick question—NONE of those are correct...which sucks, because that would make just the best day ever, especially that third one.

No, I wrote two songs today.  That may not sound like much, but believe me, with the writer's block I've been fearing, it's awesome.  I wrote a duet (one that I want to do with someone, not one I'd send in to Thompson Square, like "I Wanted You." This is exciting because I get to choose who I'd want to do the duet with...heh heh...still got my fingers crossed for Hunter :D) and another song!  Woo!

The name of the duet is "I Loved You." Stupid, right?  Hopefully, it isn't as stupid as it sounds...I think..., I had an idea for a chorus in the other song, "Waiting for You," a few months ago, and I had no clue where I'd go from there.  I got super excited—usually, I don't force myself to write songs.  I always say that the best ones come out of nowhere.  But Mom and I were in the car, waiting for Megan to come out of her Driver's Ed class, and I had a notebook and pen, and I wanted to write while I had no school.  So I forced myself to write the rest of the duet.

It isn't as bad as I usually imagine forced songs to be, and as for the other, it just kind of came to me.  I had an idea for a line in "I Loved You" that I wanted to write down.  Yay!

I always said that if a song idea is truly good, it'll stick with me.  Usually it does.  Although sometimes it doesn't...and it comes back hours later.  Gotta love that...

Now, before I go, have any of you heard of the Amish Brothers?  They make AWESOME covers of country songs (like Eric Church's "Springsteen" and Luke Bryan's "Drunk on You") and are fantastic musicians.  Check 'em out on YouTube and follow them on Twitter—and I think they have a Facebook page, but I don't have a Facebook, so I'm clueless in that department. XD

Bye, everyone!  Thanks for reading! <3


Monday, June 25, 2012

Funky Dreams

I'm having a lot of, as said in the title, funky music related dreams.  One was where I wrote a song for Keith Urban and he liked it, and another was similar, except it was for Hunter Hayes instead.

My first dream like these was a few months ago where I dreamt I sent the lyrics to "Treat Him Right" to Eric Church.  In the dream, he liked it so much that he sent the song to Martina McBride, and I was about to meet Brantley Gilbert—or was it Brad Paisley?—when I woke up.  DANG IT!!!

Oh well.  My latest dream was that all these country artists were in my house and we were doing duets and stuff.  There was also one of those giant colorful slides you only see in the commercial for bouncy houses for kids between the ages of four and nine, but it looks so fun that the adults want to go, too, and it turns out it's just a poorly made slide just barely three feet high.  Stupid false advertisements...

Anyway, I really want to send Keith Urban fanmail, but alas, I've got no clue how to.  Sometime over the summer I'll send him the lyrics.  Sometime...

My sister, Canneth*, started Driver's Ed last Tuesday.  And on Friday, she got her permit.  As you can tell, I'm very frightened. 

Next weekend, we're going to my grandparents' house—the one that's an hour away, where I drive the golf cart and hold frogs and stuff.  Yay!!  I named a frog there Hunter—after Hunter Hayes. :D

Bye! :)


*no, that's not her real name.  That's her ELVISH name (I'm a Lord of the Rings freak and I'm learnin' Elvish!!! WOO!!!)—Sindarin, to be exact. (; I'm Miluiel Mídhenaer—or Naomi Marie.  Man, I love Tolkien!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mom's Socks

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my mom is one heck of a knitter.  She knitted (I think the past tense can be both "knit" and "knitted") tons of stuff—specifically socks.  She just finished making a third (I think third) pair of candy corn socks today, and she's working on another funky sock.  I decided to put up the pictures:

After these pictures were taken, we took one of my dog in the wild:

It may be a bit difficult to see him.  Here—

Ah, that's better.

Bye! (: