Monday, July 9, 2012


Wow, I'm actually being productive for once...XD

So here's what I have as far as lyrics/instruments/albums/stuff goes! :) (WARNING: my computer is doing weird stuff—as usual—so the list below may look a little...awkward. XD)

1. album

1. Treat Him Right: Guitar/Lyrics

2. All You Got to Do: Fiddle/Lyrics

3. Ain't Gonna Change: Guitar/Lyrics

4. Why I Wrote This: Guitar/Lyrics

5. Enough: Guitar/Lyrics

6. Ride Free:
7. Can't You See: Lyrics
8. All Wrong: Guitar/Lyrics
9. Can't Make Me: Piano/Lyrics/Guitar
10. Choose Me: Lyrics
11. Good Days: Lyrics
12. Welcome Back:
2. album
1. Rainy Days:
2. It's You: Lyrics
3. Waitin' For the Day: Guitar/Lyrics/Drums
4. Wanna Be Me:
5. The End: Lyrics/Guitar
6. How Much More:
7. Fell:
8. Down to Nothing: Lyrics
9. Don't Forget: Lyrics/Guitar/Drums/Fiddle/Banjo
10. Invincible:
11. My Best Friend: Lyrics/Guitar/Fiddle
3. album
1. Unwanted: Guitar/Fiddle/Lyrics
2. Time:
3. Waiting for You: Lyrics
4. You Don't Know Me: Lyrics/Guitar
5. Dreams:
6. Tangled: Lyrics/Guitar/Banjo
7. In the Cold: Lyrics
8. Found You: Lyrics
9. Memories: Lyrics/Guitar
10. Words Can't Describe: Lyrics/Guitar
11. God Bless Family: Lyrics
12. Please Tell Me: Lyrics
And there are Keith's, Thompson Square's, and Billy's songs, and that duet, and a version of Last Christmas.  WOO!
That's it for this.  Oh!  I got separators at the orthodontist's today; four on the bottom, four on the top.  Except not an hour after the appointment, a bottom one fell out!  They said it's okay, and that there's no more spacing to be done on that one.  Let's hope!
Thanks for reading! You all rock, as usual. (:

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