Saturday, July 28, 2012

Birthday Money

What do you do when you get birthday money in July even though your birthday is in January?

Awkward.  I know.

Long story short, I got thirty dollars today.

I usually save my money because...well...I'm not the kind of teenager who shops every weekend.  To give you an idea about my personality, my favorite stores are Godiva, Farm & Fleet, and Office Depot.

So, Mom said, "Well, make a list of things you'd like to buy and decide."

So I made a list.

1. Hunter Hayes CD. Wanted this thing since January...during my actual birthday.

2. Country magazines.  Got ten of 'em.

3. A funny book.  I already have the first two, and I'm dying to read the third one.

4. These three books about orcs, but we don't know if it's like a Lord of the Rings thing or if it's orc porn or what.  We'll do a little research on this one, because I am not ready for orc porn.  I don't know why anyone would put that into a book.  We'll see.

5. Chocolate.  Always.

6. Um...that's it.

Now, I only have thirty bucks here.  Of course, I have more, but I'm saving that.  I know, I know, I'm thirteen and a half (a little over a half.  My half-birthday's in June).  I'm not going to college tomorrow or anything, but hey, it's good to prepare...

So I used the power of elimination to help me out.

1. is DEFINITELY staying up there.  As for 2., where I'm from, country isn't the in thing. (It kills me to say that.) Illinois isn't the most country place in the world, specifically the northeastern part of it.  But sometimes we'll see a country magazine at the grocery store (I usually find one once a month, maybe once every other month), and Mom will always buy it because she knows how annoying it is to be obsessed with something that isn't popular in the area you're currently stuck in. (Nashville, I'm coming no matter freakin' what!!!!!!) So I guess that crosses out 2.  And since we're huge chocoholics, I suppose chocolate isn't really necessary to put on the list, considering the fact I will always find my way towards it.  It's just my nature.

So let's take a look at the list.

1. Hunter Hayes CD.

2. Country magazines.

3. A funny book. (Still want this.)

4. Books about orcs that I'm not too sure about getting for the sake of my young eyes.

5. Chocolate.  I will find you.

Okay.  That's good. 

Actually, I ordered the CD and book about twenty minutes ago on Amazon.  Woohoo!

You know, for someone whose life revolves around music, I don't have many of my OWN CDs.  I only have three Taylor Swift CDs, her karaoke CDs, and then Hunter Hayes's CD, when it comes in the mail.  Brooks & Dunn next.  Definitely.  Or Keith Urban.  Or Brad Paisley.  Easton Corbin...Blake Shelton...Kenny...Chesney...OHMYGOSH!!!

This is why I save up. I become a fangirl.  Very dangerous for several of my mortal companions.


So here's your picture.

Yes, I supposedly fainted while writing this post.  OWN.

Hey, have you been watching the Olympics?  Totally awesome. 

I guess this is long enough.  I shall proceed the fainting.  Goodbye, and thanks so much for reading!  You all are amazing. <3 (: