Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hey everyone!

I got braces for my upper teeth today.  As planned, they're red and blue.  I think I'll get the braces for my lower teeth in a month or so. 

But right now, you shall see a wonderful drawing of the awesomely colorful metal on my teeth.

Bad drawing of cowboy boots.  I apologize in advance.

In case you couldn't tell, I was very excited.

Now they hurt.

As far as songwriting goes ('cause that's what the dang blog is about), I'm making a lot of progress.  I have under ten songs left...who thinks I can make it by the end of the summer? ;)

Again, I had to get rid of a song—Wanna Be Me, I think.  Instead, I wrote a new song (it's called "I'm a Country Girl" (;) and it's currently the second track on my fourth album.

So far I've got a demo (twelve songs, I think), a debut (I believe ten—twelve songs, not sure), a second released album (I think eleven), and I'm working on a third (two so far).  I sent Keith Urban his song exactly one week ago, when I find Thompson's Square's address (not to sound creepy ;D), I'll send them their song, and when I finish Billy Currington's song, I'll send it to him (I found his address—again with the creepiness 8D).  I also have that one duet and my own version of "Last Christmas." That was fun to rearrange, heh heh...

Thanks for listening to me blab on and on! :) Do you think I should make stupid pictures for every post?  I think I should...:D

You all rock! <3


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