Thursday, July 26, 2012


I've been going to choir ever since the spring of 2011—my sister, however, has been going for four years—and last semester, I did a solo.  The song was "Oh Happy Day," so all the kids who auditioned got solos.  There were several parts, and Canneth* (*name changed.  My sister's mad because she says it sounds like a guy's name, but it's her Elvish name, and I could've chosen "Beren," but Beren is the name of the man who Lúthien fell in love with in "The Silmarillion," and that just would've been downright awkward) and I were paired up.  It was lots of fun, and my choir director, Ecthel* (*name changed.  There are a few choices for people's elvish names, and I liked this one the most.  Someday I'll cut it out ;)), said that we're going to do the song next semester (which is in September. Woohoo!).  I'm definitely soloing again; it was so much fun!

I don't know if Canneth will want to do it again or not, though.  She did it probably because it was my first time soloing and it made me feel better, and it did, (what was awkward was that we were on other sides of the room—after all, I'm an alto III and she's a soprano I, sooooooo...) and if she does it again, I will get on my knees and bug Ecthel to let us be paired up again. It's kind of weird; Canneth has been going to this choir for a long time, so her voice is stronger and more operatic, while my voice is a lot quieter.  It still went awesome, though.

I finished my thirty-seventh song a couple days ago (still not too pleased, but oh well...).  The song is called "Two Sides" and it's written for Billy Currington. It's been exactly sixteen days since I sent Keith Urban his song, and I really wanted to send Thompson Square their song, but I don't know how.  Dad and I are working on this fiddle—we just need to get new strings (we ordered them online last night) and it'll be done!  I can't wait to play it. :D

I'm liking Krav Maga the more and more I go!  It's so much fun.  My cousin, Lethril* (*name changed.  Thank you, Tolkien!!!), started a few weeks ago, and I decided to go, too.  I really liked it, and I wish it was on a different day; In the spring, fall, and winter, I have choir on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Krav Maga is on Tuesday nights, and the activities would just collide.  I've never been one to have several activities.  I just had choir and songwriting.  Dad would give me guitar lessons, and even then, we ought to pick those up again...

The people at Krav Maga said they were going to play around with the schedule, so hopefully this class will move to Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.  I'm going to miss the two last classes, because they extend into September (and choir starts on the fourth), but there are make up classes.  There was testing a few weeks ago, and not to be modest or anything, but I didn't do well, considering the fact we joined in the middle of it all (it started in March, I think) and I didn't know half of the stuff we were being tested on.  Fortunately, I was paired up with a girl who knew what she was doing and helped me through it.  I did my best, at least...or half my best...XD


In case you are wondering, yes, that IS my dog staring right at you in the lower left corner.  I don't know why he has red eyes.  I suppose it's because he's demonically possessed.  Oh well. *shrug*

Thanks so much for reading this!!!  You all are awesome. (:


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