Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Music Post in a Really Long Time XD

I sometimes forget this is a music blog. XD

Ok.  So here's your update:

I've currently got eight songs on my fifth album.  And you know, if you asked me, "Hey, make a list of every single person you've written about," then I'm gonna waste A LOT of paper.

Hee hee.

Yeah, it doesn't take much...☺

Krav Maga on Saturday was fun, as usual.  I'm grateful I didn't get smacked in the face—I wasn't wearing my mouth guard, heh heh. >:D

I finished Test 80 last week, so I'm officially half way through my grade!  Huzzah!

This isn't musical, sorry, haha. XD

Last summer, I finished every single song I had, but now I have at least three unfinished ones.  I'm just stuck.  I've got writer's block.


I guess I need some more inspiration...hee peers better watch out. ;)

Haha, no, it's too late for them.



PICTURE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oh, and for those who watch "The Walking Dead"—we're SO glad Lori's finally gone!  Gosh, she was annoying.  Why would you do that in a forest during a zombie apocalypse with your husband's best friend after he's been supposedly dead for two weeks?  Ugh...the baby's really cute, though.  I'm rootin' for the baby. XD)

So yesterday, my sister and I played Slender for the very first time.  It's such an awesome game—although my laptop is REALLY buggy, so sometimes, it won't let me move. XD Or it'll make me run right into the Slender Man. XD Oh well.  After those videos of guys dressing up as Slender Man and dancing, I probably WOULD hug him. XD


Thanks so much for reading!  I'll post again sometime this month...or year...or decade...☺


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