Tuesday, December 4, 2012

American Songwriter 99's Own Account?

My sister and I just goofed around with Facebook last night, and she helped me make an account.

Naturally, I have no idea how to do anything.  But it's still fun.

I was just thinking—"What would it be like if I made a Twitter or Facebook account just for my blog?"

Then I thought it was silly; after all, I'm still super new.  This blog is only like, six months old.  Besides, no one's even seen my songs (I'm convinced Keith didn't get it >:().  So what's the point in making an account for something people don't know about?

It sounds like it'd be fun, though—I'd feel all business-y and such.  And yes, I will add my weird pictures on that account, too—if I figure out how to. ;)

I won't be making AS99's account anytime soon, but it IS a fun thought.  I'd have to think what the heck I'd put up there.  I barely have musical updates on here—just weird stuff I, and apparently other people, think is funny. XD

Who knows?  Maybe in a few years (several, several, SEVERAL years XD), I'll have my own account just for this blog. 

And maybe a few pictures.


Okay, so I'm gonna tell you a story (or update, whatever you wish to call it) only because the pictures I'll draw will make no sense without it.

You know how I told you about Carrie Underwood coming to my area with Hunter Hayes opening the show?  And how bummed out I was that I couldn't get tickets because I thought they were sold out?

Well, they AREN'T sold out, and I could get decent seats, but the problem is that the concert is in a bad neighborhood; the crime rate is too high for our liking.  So it's a no. :(

I was trying to come up with all the reasons in the world why I should be glad I'm not going.

That, of course, is a huge fail.

I saw Brad Paisley this year (best.  Concert.  EVER!!!) with Miranda Lambert, the Pistol Annies, The Band Perry, Jerrod Niemann (due to heavy traffic, we missed his performance :(), and Chris Young opening.  When Chris's song "You" started playing, oh God, all those fangirls screamed SO LOUD.  Even though I'm not that hopelessly in love with him, I decided to scream along with them, just for the heck of it. 

I figured that when Hunter started playing "Wanted," I'd go deaf with all the fangirls screaming (and my own screaming).  So there's ONE good reason to stay home.

Nah.  Still not enough to keep me home.

Is that bad? XD

Whatever. XD Okay.  Your drawings. XD

I keep thinking, "Aw, man!  I missed Hunter open for Taylor Swift, and now I'm missing him opening for Carrie Underwood?  Who's next, Keith Urban?!?!?!?" My friend and I then began thinking about all the ways I'd get to meet him.

Number 1: Going to the Concert Anyway and Jumping from Above

Number 2: Not Going to Concert, but Asking Slendy for Help

Number 3: That's Currently It.  Any Tips?


Thanks for reading!  Slendy and I really appreciate it. :)


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