Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Dad once asked me, "Where do you get the inspiration for all your songs?"

I shrugged. "It's everywhere."

Which is true—whether it's from my point of view, my penpals', my family's, etc, it's everywhere.  I could write about a friend's breakup; I could write about a really cute celebrity; I could write about family drama; I could write about stupid daydreams (those, I can assure you, will never see the light of day); I could write about anything.

One song gets to me a bit.

It's called "Never Mind." When you read the lyrics, you think, "Huh, must be about a penpal's breakup or something."

It's not.

It's not even from a friend's point of view; it's mine.  All mine.  And possibly hundreds of other people. (Depends on this one man's fanbase.)

I won't say who it is; he may be in his twenties and I not even fourteen, but I'm still more of an adult than him. 

It was a couple days before the election here in the States.  I won't say who my family and I were rooting for (although I bet you could guess it); I don't want to start anything.

The person I wrote this song for is a YouTuber my sister and I loved (note the past tense).  We found him through a funny YouTuber we love (note the present tense), and thought this guy was really funny.

Well, on Twitter, our opinion of this man totally changed.

I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was something along the lines of how stupid the candidate we love was and how "if you or your parents are voting for him, go eat bricks."

Yes, those were his exact words. 

First of all, he's freaking British.  Keep your opinion out of our freaking way; it's our business, not yours. (Of course, everybody is open to his or her own opinion; just don't be obnoxious and childish about it.)

I really badly want to write this person's name (or username), but I won't.  I already gave enough away saying he's British.

My sister very maturely told him how she wouldn't stand that behavior, how she would no longer watch his videos. 

I just wrote a song about him.

First of all, that was really unwise—has it occurred to him that a large portion of his fanbase could like this candidate?  That a large portion might not take this crap? 

When I heard of this, I first felt really, really disappointed and heartbroken. (Of course, since I wasn't as big of a fan of him as I am of Tobuscus and Yamimash, I wasn't REALLY heartbroken; but it still hurt a little.) For God's sake, we thought this dude was awesome.  But nope; people have surprises nonetheless.

Then I felt angry.  How dare he say that!  How ignorant could somebody be?  How rude?  How mean?

Listen, if you agree with him, I have nothing against you; if you stand up for his action, I can't say I'm fond of you.

I never expected it from him.  To me, he looked like more of a quiet, reserved guy; not this.

Before I close this, I apologize for the rant, but I just wanted to put this out there because (1. Inspiration is everywhere, so if you're a songwriter and you have writer's block, don't worry; you'll get inspiration soon enough.  And (2. Please, if somebody did something like this to you, don't take it.  That doesn't mean you can get into a big long fight; you gotta choose your battles.  If you really know what you're talking about and have a fair argument, alright, give it a try; nothing sucks more than trying to defend yourself and making things worse.  And be sure you're mature about it; even though I really trashed him in this post, if you call him names back, you'll sink to his level.  I tried to be as mature as I could, but hey, things slip out. 

Thank you for reading, and for putting up with my anger, here's a really stupid picture.

IT'S SLENDERPIP!!!!!!!! (I'm listening to "Trash Talk" right now.  IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!)

XD I was bored one night and thought, "Dude, I'm gonna make this drawing." So I got a picture of Pip off the Internet, drew Slendy, and copied the bowtie onto him. XD I love Paint. XD

Thank you for reading this; I really appreciate it.  And if you just so happen to be the person I'm talking about, listen, I don't usually write these kind of posts; I don't usually write about people. (Songs are another story.) You really have to push me to write this kind of thing; and you did.  That was really immature, and really hurtful; do you know how much I loved your videos?  Well, I loved them a lot; but I don't anymore.  Thanks for ruining everything, buddy.

The only good thing out of your behavior is that I got another song.  Beating me down doesn't work; when I fall, I get back up; recover; write.

So please, think about what you say next time.  Thank you—I'm sure everybody appreciates it.


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