Friday, December 28, 2012


Guess who just wrote a song for Hunter Hayes?

Guess.  Guess.  Guess.

Are you guessing?



I'm really excited. XD While I'm mad my song for Keith Urban didn't go through (he wasn't in the country when I sent it, sooooo...XD), I'm really happy about this new one.  I wanted to write one for Hunter for a while now, but I had nothing.  Finally, last week, I started writing a duet, and today I decided it would be better sang by one person.  Right before I finished the song, I thought of different people I could send it to—and Hunter was my first thought.

Like with Keith's song, I can only send the lyrics.  Fortunately, Hunter is an AMAZING songwriter (a BILLION times better than me), and I'm sure if he got the lyrics and decided to keep the song, the music he'd have in mind would probably be way better than what I'm thinking.

I'm really excited.  I wrote a duet for Thompson Square, but I haven't sent that one yet.  I'll probably be starting school on January third (which, I'm pretty sure, is J. R. R. Tolkien's birthday <3) or something, and choir, I'm guessing, starts January eighth.


Best.  Birthday present.  EVER. XD I got two iTunes gift cards for Christmas, so it was perfectly planned. XD

Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so happy right now. :D As for pictures...heh heh.  I found this one a little while ago.

Okay, here's the story:

My friend and I were discussing different people who should wear cowboy hats but don't—like Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes (although she said she's seen a picture of Keith with one on—I haven't seen it, unfortunately XP). 

That's where Paint comes in.

I asked her which color for which person.  She said brown for Keith and black for Hunter—we considered white for Hunter, and maybe black for Keith, but we liked the current arrangement better.

What do you think? how I spend my time. XD I know, it's sad. XD But you gotta admit, they look awesome—even if the drawings suck. XD

The hardest part wasn't finding the right pictures—although it was a bit of a pain finding a picture where the hat wouldn't be cut off too much—drawing the hat actually was difficult.  I have four cowboy hats, why was it so darn hard? XD

Okay, enough of my craziness. XD Thank you for reading, and have an awesome day/night/whenever the heck you're reading this! XD


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