Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Awards Show, Pathogens, Choir, and New Genre

Lots of stuff to cover in one post...get ready. XD

Last night, the ACA's were on from seven to nine, and I started watching at eight.  I was reading in the other room when I heard Jake Owen singing "The One That Got Away" and Dad yelling, "NAOMI!!!!!!  THIS IS THE SONG THAT'S PLAYING WHEN WE DRIVE TO KRAV!!!!!!!" XD

I'm very bummed I missed so many great performers (I MISSED HUNTER HAYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But I saw Keith Urban :D), but it was still super awesome! 

Okay, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with country award shows (I'm pretty sure the CMA Country Christmas is on the twentieth XD), but I just HAVE to put up this picture.

For school, I was learning about the four major groups of human pathogens.  I decided to make pictures.

So whenever you say "bacteria" or "protist," this is the very first thing I think of:

XD Bacteria was just out of nowhere, virus and protist were pretty close, and fungus is...well, it's fungus. XD (My dad's favorite line: "There's a fungus among us!" XD)

Alright, let's get back to music. XD

On Sunday is our last choir performance for the semester.  We had another last Sunday, too, and it was awesome.  I'm getting songwriting done (I wrote a new song yesterday—"Waiting in Tennessee"—after taking geography notes XD), and I'm actually listening to a new genre.

Okay, I made a weird transition between genres before.  A few years ago, I absolutely LOVED Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson's solo albums (I still love them.  I don't listen to them a lot, but they're still super awesome).  When I was about twelve (was it mid December of 2010??), I was going through stations on the radio when I heard Sara Evans's "Suds in the Bucket" playing.  I fell in love with the song, and then I heard "If I Die Young" by The Band Perry, "Anything Like Me" by Brad Paisley, "Put You in a Song" by Keith Urban, "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum, and so on. 

Earlier this year (around March or April), when I was watching The Voice, I was rooting for Pip.  TEAM BOWTIE!!!! (And Blake!!!! :D) In October, I heard his first single, "Who Cares," loved it (I know it by heart, haha XD), and a night or two ago I heard a few other songs from him.  I never liked pop (I don't count Taylor Swift as pop—except for songs like "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "22," but I love 'em anyway :)), but I love his songs.  I love how disco-y "Hooked" is. XD

No, this doesn't mean I'm leaving country and going into pop.  If you go to my MP3 player, you'll see that Pip is the only name under the pop genre.  And country is listed twice.  And there's more country listed under unknown (no idea why it did that...).

That's pretty much it for an update!  I'm a little over halfway through my grade, finally. :) I ought to be done sometime in April.  Woohoo!!!

Ah, and I missed Krav Maga last Saturday because of a dress rehearsal. X( I know, I like, NEVER have crossing activities (because I usually have just one activity and get really involved in it), but yeah, they clashed. DX Fortunately, Dad said they were just doing kicks, so nothing new.  I already know the combinations from the summer class. ;)

Thanks for reading!  You guys rock. :D

Oh, and for all you Slender fans out there...

My sister was playing Slender again last night and actually got seven pages!  She died right after she clicked the seventh page, but still, new record!  As for me, I got six pages—and I'm super excited because I got six on my buggy laptop.  Yes, this is coming from the person who died on zero pages. XD It's possible...XD

Bye! :)


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