Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lower Braces >:D

Another non-music post on a music blog!!!  Yay!!!!!!

On Friday, I got my lower braces (yes, right before Saturday morning, when I would go to Krav Maga XD I didn't get smacked in the face, fortunately XD).  It wasn't really painful, since I took an Aleve before we left, and it didn't hurt till Saturday morning, naturally. XD But I took another Aleve and felt fine. 

I always get red and blue, and while the lower braces were normal (red for one bracket, blue for another, red for the next, etc.), my orthodontist was getting creative with my top teeth:

All right, I'll admit: my teeth aren't that straight.

My upper teeth are more accurate than the lowers.  My bottom teeth, however, are really crowded.

They don't hurt that bad right now, though. :)

And we're putting up the CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!

I've been bugging Mom to do that for a month now...XD We always have it up for Thanksgiving, so I think we ought to put turkeys on it, since we always hold that holiday. XD

Okay, I suppose I should give SOME update...

I finished my fifth album!  Yes, eleven tracks...;)

I have a few tracks for my sixth, and maybe just one on my Christmas one; I screwed up when I said two, haha. XD

Thanks for reading!  I have to go play music and put that darn tree up.  Bye! :)


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