Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Song!!


Ok. I'm done.


Well, I guess the Keith-Urban-song-thing ain't a countdown...ah, whatever...

I haven't sent Thompson Square's or Billy Currington's songs yet...and I kinda have an idea for a song I might send to Hunter Hayes—*faints*

*five minutes later*

Ok.  I'm fine.

Anyway, it's been thirty-seven days since I sent my song to Keith Urban  (I'm pretty sure, at least...), I'll start the countdown for my birthday when it's actually a month before, and choir starts in 19 days. YIPPEE!!!

I even planned out what I'm wearing. XD
Okay, so my grandparents on my dad's side are an hour away and have seven acres.  I love it there—I drive that golf cart like a madman.  Also, the frogs are fun to hold...until the jump onto your shoulder and pee on you. (Not good for your first time holding frogs.)

In their town is Farm & Fleet.

Also known as THE BEST STORE EVER!!!

Seriously, HOW many stores have cheeseballs (that's a word, darn it!!) and cowboy boots and OFFICE SUPPLIES?!?!?!

Yes. My favorite stores are Farm & Fleet, Office Depot, and Godiva.


Anyway, there are two AWESOME pairs of cowboy boots there.

I currently have a pair of black muddy boots, brown boots (got them for my birthday this year XD), a black cowboy hat, a beige-ish white-ish yellow-ish cowboy hat (both are straw hats), a brown straw cowboy hat, and another brown cowboy hat I got in a nice Amish community.  The other three are from Alabama. :D

Anyway, Mom said the next time we go to my grandparents' house (which is this Saturday, I think), I can buy a pair of boots (black and white fake snakeskin ones. Oh yeah!!) and get a pair for  Christmas (black and red with a white silhouette of a bull head on it—like on Brooks & Dunn albums!!!!!!!!!).

Do you know what this means?

As someone with  OCD, this is slightly exciting for me.

I will have four hats.





Yeah, I organize a ton. X)

So yeah. EXCITED!!!

What was I talking about before? XD Oh yeah. Choir. XD

I'm thinkin' of wearing the black and white fake snakeskin boots, a white dress, the black cowboy hat (the straw brown one is my favorite, but hey, gotta mix-and-match...;)), and these white gloves (although they're sort of like mittens in that the fingers are all together and you can roll them up if you're cold—I'll draw you a picture) with a Rivendell-Lothl√≥rien-like design Mom knitted. 

And here is what those gloves look like:

Worst picture I made yet, in my opinion. :)

Thanks for reading! <3


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