Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holy Cheesesticks!!

So this was my last week with Krav Maga.  I'm going to miss a few classes, since choir is starting next week, and we're hoping my cousin and I can go in on the adult class on Saturday mornings to make up for the ones we'll miss.

We joined over the summer when the class started in March, and my cousin missed this week (she started school last week and was too busy), and guess what?

We got our test results back.

I didn't know half of the stuff on the test at the time (I know now, though ;D XD), so I thought I'd fail for sure.

I passed.

And I got a CERTIFICATE!!!!


I was super excited.  When we got in the car, I asked, "Wanna listen to the radio?" Mom didn't care, so I turned it on, and guess what?


They NEVER play Hunter Hayes.  I usually just hear Wanted at midnight and I haven't heard Storm Warning on the radio in a year.

So I freaked out.

Also, on the way home from another Krav Maga class a couple weeks ago, Ain't Nothing 'Bout You by Brooks & Dunn was playing.

Not only is that my favorite song of all time, but they like, NEVER play Brooks & Dunn, either, and the last time I heard that song on the radio was last summer as well.



Besides that, nothing exciting is going on. XD
It's been 51 days since I sent my song to Keith Urban, and Mom and I decided to send a more formal letter again in a couple weeks.  I said I'd be pesty, didn't I? ;) XD

By the way, I totally suck at playing the fiddle. XD I'm so bad...XD I guess it's the combination of us not knowing how to tune it and me just not being good with violins. XD
Anyway, songwriting is going pretty good.  I'm getting inspiration—*narrows eyes at specific people*—everywhere, which is super helpful. (Sometimes, when it comes to a love song, since I never dated, I just add on to the story and exaggerate...or I'll write about my penpals' experiences. ;) XD) (In other words, no one's safe. >:D XD)

That's it for this update!  This is a picture I made of my dog a while ago:

Snoopy has a million nicknames, and Moo is one of his most popular ones.  XD

Thanks so much for reading!!!! :)


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