Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fourth Album!!!!


I've noticed a trend here.  My demo has eleven songs.  My debut has eleven songs.  My third has eleven songs.  And the fourth?

So far, it has nine songs.

Who thinks we can make it to eleven?


I'm really excited!  There's only one song, "Sorry," that doesn't have completed lyrics at the moment.  I think I have like, forty-eight songs in all right now.

*happy dance*

I love happy dances.  They make me happy.

ANYWAY, I must go, and I am very sad to say I don't have much time to make a new picture for you. *sulk*

BUUUUT, I can put up two pictures we took of the baby bunnies in our backyard:


Ok. That's it. XD
Thanks for reading!  Love you all!!!! <3 :)


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