Friday, August 10, 2012

Albums!!! Woohoo!!!!!!

I'm making progress!!!!

So I sent my song to Keith 31 days ago, and it hasn't occurred to me that he might be in Australia for The Voice.  Hmph.  Well, I'm prepared to be pesty...;)

As for my "albums," I had to, once again, get rid of ANOTHER song.  Even though they're only three or four I got rid of, it kills me to drop an idea.  I even changed "Rainy Days;" I liked the title, so I decided to make it a metaphor for love, because, according to Hunter Hayes and David Nail, the weather makes an excellent metaphor for love. 

Also, I had my first tests of the grade today.  I have three more coming up, and then I'll continue on with Lesson 21.  Yippee...

Ah, well, I don't think I'll fail that bad. XD Anyway, I switched some songs around (so my thirtieth song just may be on my demo album XD).  Here would be my albums—and again, my computer may do funky stuff and make it look weird.  My computer hates me, soooo...XD

Demo: (if I could name it, I'd name it this—) Good Days
1. Treat Him Right
2. All You Got to Do
3. Ain't Gonna Change
4. Why I Wrote This
5. Enough
6. Ride Free
7. Can't You See
8. All Wrong
9. Can't Make Me
10. Choose Me
11. Good Days
Debut: (I think I'd do a self-titled album, like what Taylor Swift or Hunter Hayes did, so then—) Naomi ______
1. I'm a Country Girl
2. Rainy Days
3. Waitin' For the Day
4. The End
5. How Much More
6. Waiting for You
7. Don't Forget
8. Invincible
9. My Best Friend
10. God Bless Family
11. This is How Love Goes
Second album!!!: Tangled
1. Unwanted
2. Time
3. Down to Nothing
4. Fell
5. Dreams
6. Tangled
7. In the Cold
8. Found You
9. Memories
10. Words Can't Describe
11. Please Tell Me
(11 seems to be a lucky number for me, eh? XD)
THIRD ALBUM THAT AIN'T COMPLETED YET!!!!!!: Torn Away (the name might change as more songs are written)
1. Torn Away
2. It's You
3. You Don't Know Me
That's it so far. XD I'm so excited!  I've written one duet (not counting Thompson Square's song, and I still have no clue who to do the duet with *cough cough* HUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYESHUNTERHAYES *cough cough* XD), three songs for other artists (Keith Urban—sent!!!—Billy Currington—soon will be sent—and Thompson Square—my favorite of the three), a song I cowrote with one of my penpals, and my own version of Last Christmas (I own pretty much nothing; I didn't have the idea for it, I didn't write it, it's just my own arrangement of the lyrics and music).  I think altogether it's 42 or 43 songs.  Woohoo!!
I can't wait to write more! for right now...

As a chocoholic, this was my first idea. :)

Thanks for reading!  You all rock, as always. :D


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