Thursday, September 6, 2012


First rehearsal was on Tuesday.


As usual. :)

We have rehearsal again today, although not quite as long as Tuesday.  I absolutely love choir<3

It's so much fun!  I swear, if you looked at the schedule in my mind, you'd think my life revolves around it:

That's not my only activity, actually.  I know I said I only had one activity—choir, not counting the guitar lessons from Dad or songwriting.  But now I have another—KRAV MAGA.

Remember how I said I'm gonna miss a couple classes because choir is at the same time?  Well, my cousin and I can do make-up classes on Saturday morning!!!

So I guess no choir dreaming, or maybe I'll dream that night, or maybe it'll be a short dream.  I don't know.

I think the class is at ten-thirty, and it's the adult I really hope my cousin's there, haha...XD
Songwriting is going well, and I'm going to try to stop counting how long it's been since I sent my song to Keith Urban (fifty-eight days, by the way). 



That's it, I think. XD My weeks are gonna be busy, and I'm doing Test 40 today and tomorrow—in other words, I'm a fourth of the way through seventh grade, and I think I started in like, July or something.  Woo!!!!!!!! :D HUZZAH FOR GETTIN' STUFF DONE!!! FOR ONCE!!! XD

Thanks for reading and putting up with me! XD

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