Friday, September 14, 2012

Fourth, DONE!

Yup, my fourth album is DONE!!!!

Eleven tracks per album, and I didn't even notice. XD I'm so oblivious...XD

Of course, when I say a song is finished, I mean the lyrics are, and some songs don't even have any instruments at all.  I just have an acoustic guitar, and electric guitar, a fiddle and we don't even know how to tune it, and a keyboard. (We have drums, which I'm awful at playing, a piano, several other guitars, two amps—I have a little one in my room that just collects dust—and two basses.)

Someday, I shall own a banjo. 


I didn't know electric banjos existed until I went to a Brad Paisley concert and The Band Perry was performing.  Dude, that was AWESOME. 

Electric banjos...that sounds so darn cool.

I even made my own version of "Last Christmas" by Wham!  Usually when I come up with instruments for a song, it's all in my head and it very rarely is actually played because...well...I have no idea how to play the violin and I don't even own a banjo. 

But at least I'm done with another album.  I don't believe it...number five!!

And for all you country music fans, I think the CMA's are on November first, but alas, I don't remember what time.  Dang it...

And I think Taylor Swift's fourth album, "Red," is out October thirtieth.  YAY!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CHRISTMAS PRESENTTTTTT!!!! XD

Ok, now your drawing...

A couple months ago, for school, they wanted me to choose from a list of items ONE THING I would use to help me survive on a stranded island.  I chose three instead.

You see, Coconut Man would keep me company, and I'd never get lonely, so I'd never go too insane. Ah, who am I kidding?  I'm already insane. >8D

Thanks for reading!  Maybe I'll put up my cover of Last Christmas...I dunno. XD Bye!! :)


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