Monday, October 29, 2012

Non-Music Related Post

It's late at night, I'm really slaphappy, and I'll probably regret this post in the morning.

All the more reason to put it up for the world to see.

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Hunter Hayes.  I'm also rather fond of tacos.

So it all comes down to the big question: who would be better in a zombie apocalypse, Hunter Hayes or Taco Man?

I know what you're thinking: "Oh geez, what new disturbing organism has Naomi created this time?"

That, my friend, is the magical and slightly invincible Taco Man.

I know I could get pictures from the Internet and do a horrible job at photo shopping, but drawing it all out at midnight or however late it is happens to be way more entertaining.

So be afraid.

Now, first, there's Hunter:

And then we have Taco Man:

Taco Man is very loyal.  He can sense enemies when they're near, read minds, and fly.

Also, you can eat him to prevent starvation.

Hunter, however, is an actual existing human being who might not be able to fly (yet), but certainly will make better decisions than a huge taco with amazingly unnatural superpowers.  And he can smack zombies with his guitar or bass or any of the thirty instruments he can play.

Such a tough choice.  Who do YOU vote for?

One can sing.  One can fly.

Difficult decisions.

I suppose I should go to sleep or something weird like that.  Goodnight, and thanks for reading my messed up post!

And I PROMISE I won't take this down in the morning. ;)


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