Wednesday, October 3, 2012



So I have NO idea what to be for Halloween...trick-or-treating or not, I'm dressing up. :D

Hm...a zombie hobbit?


I got the Ring and everything...

So music is going pretty well.  I was listening to Last Christmas (yes, in October XD) and I thought, "I wanna cover this song," and then I thought, "I wanna write a song," and thus a stupid song was born.

I think I have, like, six or seven ideas for a fifth album...woot woot. :D

I just have to finish the lyrics to one song I haven't worked on in a week, and I'll officially have six or seven songs. ☺

Choir is going well, too.  We're doing Carol of the Bells.  Mom absolutely LOVES that song, so we're all excited. (:

And Taylor Swift's "Red" is out on the thirtieth, I think!!!!!  And Wanted got number one two weeks in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well, I suppose September would have to be awesome, too, because last Sunday was September, and that's when I heard the countdown, and the Sunday BEFORE THAT was in September, so both months rock.



Remember those pictures of the bunnies in our yard?  The four babies grew up—although I think one or two might be living with Mama in the front bushes—and we still have the mom.  She's a fearless little bunny; we always see her when we get home from choir and she never runs away.

However, I think I gave her too much spinach; she doesn't eat it now. XD She'll only eat the carrots. XD I might have to rip up the spinach and hide it under the carrots, but then she could separate the two (like my dog does XD). XD XD

This is exactly what I do with my time.

...I made this when I was bored.

I found the orange juice picture online and then copied it.


Thanks so much for reading and putting up with my craziness. 8D


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