Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day ☺

Who is my valentine today, you ask?

Just kidding.  Slenderman's my sister's valentine.

I don't have one—unless my dog counts. XD

I love that little baby<3 :)

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!  Have a good week. :)

You know, a lot of people are like, "I hate Valentine's Day 'cause liking it is too mainstream," which is funny, since now THAT'S becoming mainstream.  I don't absolutely love it, and I don't absolutely hate it.  I look at Valentine's Day as my golden opportunity to get more chocolate. XD

That's it for this post—I finished another album, and Mom's gonna help me write Hunter's letter tomorrow.  YAY!!!! :D

Thanks for reading, and have one heck of a week! :)


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