Monday, February 11, 2013

Hot Chocolate

Who wishes to hear the harrowing tale, "The First Time I Made Hot Chocolate from Scratch by Myself?"

It's terrifying, I assure you.

Okay, enough of that. XD
Quite a while ago, my mom found this AWESOME hot chocolate recipe online.  The problem was eight-hundred calories. XD

However, she found managed to make a three-hundred calorie recipe from it instead. XD It's really, really awesome...

I think it was Thursday night, and Mom was pretty sick.  She was in her room watching a movie.  After dinner, I decided to make hot chocolate to make her feel better. 

I seemed to have forgotten I was making a double batch...and the little pot wasn't the one Mom used.  I forgot there was a bigger pot.

I did what I was supposed to do—I put in a pound of chocolate chips and four cups of milk (this was the double batch, so that's why there's so much of everything XD I'll put up the recipe at the end of this post ;)).  When I poured in the last cup, the solid/liquid/whatever the heck it was at the moment was nearly at the top of the pot.

I started freaking out.  I watched Mom do this a million times, how was this going so wrong?

Thinking it'll go down once it's all melted, I turned on the stove.  I had to add a cup of sugar and four tablespoons of vanilla (which actually isn't really necessary; I'll explain at the end). 

By the time these ingredients were added, it was about to spill.  I turned the heat down and looked in the cabinet.

Sure enough, there was a much bigger pot.

After scolding myself several times for not bothering to check, I managed to get the substance into the other pot.  It wasn't easy; it was really tricky.

I got out two measuring cups, one big one and one small one.  I used the small one to slowly put the sort of melting liquid but not exactly solid into the other pot; I used the big cup to catch any drops that spilled.

When the half-melted hot chocolate was in the other pot, I realized most of the unmelted chocolate chips were sticking to the sides of the smaller pot.

After about five minutes of chocolate-scraping, I had everything together in the bigger pot on the stove.  I had a lot of crap to clean up, but the hot chocolate turned out really well; Mom loved it.

I practiced making it again last night (for some reason, I love drinking hot chocolate while watching The Walking Dead, which is strange 'cause of all the gross scenes...but there weren't as many last night), and it was A LOT better than Thursday, thank goodness.  Actually, I found the vanilla isn't really necessary; I didn't add any last night because we were out.  It tasted the same to us.  We'd have to make a batch with vanilla and one without to really see if there's a huge difference. 

You know, let me just sum up the experience with these pictures:

One: Hot Chocolate Starts Overflowing

Two: Transferring the Hot Chocolate to the Other Pot and Dealing with the Unmelted Chocolate

Three: Finally Getting Everything Together and Not Having the Kitchen on Fire


If you wanna make it, you'll need (this is the three-hundred calorie recipe, by the way XD):

*2 cups of milk

*1/2 cup of sugar

*8 ounces of chocolate chips

*2 tablespoons of vanilla (although, as I said before, I didn't add any and it didn't make a huge difference)

I suggest putting the chocolate chips in, and THEN the milk; the other way around might result in milk everywhere. XD I also suggest using a big pot if you make a double I forgot. XD After you have the milk and chocolate chips in, turn on the stove—the heat should be between low and medium.  After you put in half a cup of sugar, make sure you stir it evenly; whenever I make it, there are LOTS of chunks. X) You can choose whether or not you want to add the vanilla. 

When everything's finally melted (I gotta admit: the chunks are fun to eat XD it's like drinking a chocolate bar!! XD), turn off the heat and wait for it to cool down a bit before you pour it; it's gonna be pretty freakin' hot. XD

It's really good the next day, too.  It's good when it's cold. :)

If you make it, I hope you like it!  Mom got the recipe online somewhere. :)

Thank you so much for reading!  I really appreciate it<3 :) Bye!


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