Sunday, January 27, 2013


Hi. :D

Does anybody watch The Walking Dead?  I'm happy to say it's gonna be back on February tenth!!!!  YAY!!!!!

I felt so zombie deprived ever since the "mid-season finale." I've been watching Shaun of the Dead all the time, haha. XD

And I'm also very happy to say Hunter Hayes is writing music FOR A SECOND ALBUM!!!! JAD;SLKGJASDLKGJALSKDJTLKJS;RLKN;SUAKLGJ;TLKJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy. :)

In other words, I'm gonna be sending "Still" soon!!!! ;DJGlkDJLGKJSLKDGJ:KLDSJGKLjdgajg;jg;jg;jgaj;ag;jkla;gjgl;akdslasdk;jg;lkj$%@#$^$%^&$^@#$%3%!#%♥4♣♦♠


I talked with Mom about the space problem, and if I have to pay for it, I might as well make a Facebook account for the pictures and just leave the updates here. 

Or, I could try to do this:

DO8|>* O--o <-<-(·_·)

^That would be Keith Urban smacking a clown with a banjo.

...You know, maybe I can just pay for more space. XD

I've never done this with the computer before, so I don't know if it'll be really expensive or what.  I'll have to experiment with it.

Oh, and guess who caught the flu three days after her birthday and COULDN'T GO TO THE KRAV MAGA CHRISTMAS PARTY?!?!

I don't even LIKE going to most parties. XD Dad went and said that they asked about me. <3 :)

I had to miss two weeks of Krav in a row; the first because I was sick (and I missed a choir rehearsal that week, too), and the second because of a choir performance (that was shaky, but now I'm totally fine). 

As for a choir update, be prepared for confusion. XD
Okay, so last year, I was an alto III, and then my choir director made me a II.  I had to relearn a song we were doing again from last year (I still can't get that freakin' chorus...!!), but I got the other songs down.  THIS semester, he made me a III, and when I learned most of three songs, he made me a II because more were needed.  So I had to relearn most of three songs AND a song we were doing last year...which I learned as a III the first time.

That was confusing. XD
He always says if we don't feel comfortable where we are, he'll switch us around; he says that's more important than the parts being evened out.

Even though I loved being a III, and being a bordering II is NOT an easy part, still, I don't care; if I'm a I, THEN I'll have to be changed. XD

I have a few tracks for my seventh album—around five.  I'm still working on my sixth, actually; I don't have all the completed lyrics!  That's going pretty well, though.  A nice thing about being sick is that I got to work on some of my music a lot more. :D

And I have Test 100 next week...yippee. (O.O)

Thanks for reading!  You all are awesome. <3 :)


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