Friday, March 1, 2013

*Happy Dance*

Why am I dancing?

'Cause I think it's funny to dance in public for no reason.

Ok, that's not why. XD But it IS funny. XD

About twenty minutes after I wrote Eric Church's song, I wrote a duet—with Lady Antebellum in mind.

This is the sixth song (counting Billy Currington's soon-to-be rewritten song) I have that I'm gonna send to other people...I'm so excited.

I'm listening to country music right now as I write. XD Little Big Town's "Tornado" is currently playing.  Mom and I were listening to country during breakfast—we heard Carrie Underwood, Chris Young, Taylor awesome way to start Friday. :) (I'm still hoping "Wanted" or "Somebody's Heartbreak" will come on. ;))

That's it for this post.  I gotta go do something productive. XD Thank you for reading, and Snoopy says, "Have an awesome weekend!"


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