Monday, April 8, 2013

The ACM's!

Hey there! 

How many of you watched the Academy of Country Music Awards last night?


If you haven't seen it but plan to, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

I'm gonna put a picture here of a circle so you don't accidentally see any of the winners.

Sorry, I had to make something really quick. XD

Anyway, congratulations to all those fantastic artists who won their awards—and congratulations to Luke Bryan specifically for winning Entertainer of the Year!  He definitely deserves it.  I love how everybody cried when he won. XD

Man, he and Blake were hilarious. XD And all of the performances were so awesome!  Hunter's new single is absolutely awesome.  I've only heard it once and it's already my favorite song. XD Also, on Kix Brooks's countdown last night after the show, "Somebody's Heartbreak" got number one!!!  WOOHOOO!!!! :D

Three hours of pure awesomeness.  If you missed it and wanna see it, I'm sure you can find some performances on YouTube.  Heck, halfway through the CMA's there was a video of Brad Paisley doing Gangnam Style already up. XD Heh heh...I love his shades. XD

Thank you all so much for reading!  I love making stupid drawings for you guys. XD Have an awesome week! <3 :)


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