Thursday, April 4, 2013


WARNING: Shameless fangirling ahead.  If you aren't afraid of a fourteen year old girl screaming, jumping up and down, and hugging the computer screen for ten minutes, continue.







Ok, I promise I'm done with the Caps Lock. XD For now, anyway. XD

I can't wait!!  He's gonna perform his new single on the ACM's this Sunday.  Yay!!! (It took a lot of willpower not to put that in Caps Lock, just so you know. XD)

And guess who wrote a song for Carrie Underwood?


Just kidding.

This is the eighth song I'm planning on sending to other artists.  Woo!!! (Again with the no Caps Lock thing. XD This is harder than it looks...XD)

I have two sets of tests left in my grade, and I'm very happy with my last set.  My teacher said she really loved my chocolate report (c'mon, it's chocolate.  How could you not love it? ;)), and I had a great grade on the tests overall.  I was pretty nervous, but I'm calmer about school now, thank goodness.

Also, testing for level two in Krav is on the twenty-eighth, and my cousin and I are gonna do it. :) I feel pretty good about it, although I'll have to practice a couple things.  But I'm still feeling good as far as testing goes.  It'll be fun. :)

One more track and my eighth (I think? XD) album will be complete!  I'm so excited.  I had a journal where I'd write the lyrics to all my songs (every freakin' one of them XD), and then I'd underline different parts and explain some personal stuff. (Sounds exciting, eh? XD) It was like, a hundred pages long, and I'm done with it.  Around ninety songs are in that book, and now I have a new journal.  Man, I really love obsessively writing about people. XD

That's it for this update!  I'm gonna continue on fangirling with my friend. XD Man, I can't wait to get Hunter's album!!  For any Hayniacs out there, what's your favorite song from him?  I love "Faith to Fall Back On" and "Cry With You." (I think he should've released "Cry With You" as a single, but eh, what do I know about all that stuff? XD) Congrats to Hunter for "Somebody's Heartbreak" getting number one!  I love that song. :)

Thank you all so much for reading!  What drawing should I make this time?  Hm...I suppose I'll find something...

Ooh!  I know!

Isn't it really exciting when a favorite artist of yours is going to be featured on another favorite's album?  Like when Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood did the duet, "Remind Me." Or that new duet from Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift, "Highway Don't Care" (Keith Urban also plays guitar in the song).  But what about that new artist who's gonna be featured in one of Hunter's songs on his new album?

Ah, what was his name...?  I started with an S...? (This is true procrastination right here.)

Seriously, Slendy could be a pianist with those fingers...XD (I know, I know—my drawings just get worse and worse. XD)

Well, I guess I should actually go do something important...XD Thank you again for reading!  Man, I have way too much fun with stupid drawings...XD Have a great week, everybody! <3 :)


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